Cleaning Your Birthstone Ring: 5 Simple Steps

  • 2 min read

Birthstone rings are known for their symbolism and stunning styles. You can buy birthstone rings for mom or gift one to yourself. If you want to preserve the beauty of these beautiful stone-studded rings, you must clean them well. Whether you buy a 1 stone personalized ring or a 7 stone personalized ring, your gemstones need the right kind of care to retain their shine and sparkle. Let’s break down the five steps you must follow for cleaning your birthstone ring.


Why Do You Need to Clean your Birthstone Ring Regularly?

The beauty of birthstone rings lies in the sparkle and shimmer of the gemstones. However, with regular use, they accumulate dirt and grime. This buildup prevents light from shining through the gems. As a result, your birthstone ring can look dull. Regular cleaning can help you avoid this problem and preserve the natural beauty of these stones. 

Steps for cleaning your Stone-studded Rings

You can execute these steps once a fortnight to maintain the beauty of your birthstone rings.

  • Heat some water to Lukewarm Level:The first step is to arrange for some lukewarm water. Excessive heat can cause damage to your gemstones. Therefore, the temperature must be lukewarm and not hot.
  • Soak your Birthstone Rings in Lukewarm Water: If your birthstone ring consists of non-porous gemstones, you can soak them in lukewarm water. You can also add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to speed up the cleaning process. This step will help loosen the dirt particles in your gemstone. However, you must skip this step if the ring has porous gems like opal, emerald, pearl, or amber. Often, a 5 stone personalized ring or a 6 stone personalized ring may have a combination of porous and non-porous rings. If that is the case, you can skip soaking the entire ring to avoid ruining the porous stones.
  • Use a Baby Toothbrush for Light Scrubbing: Take your birthstone ring out of the water and scrub it gently with a baby toothbrush. These bristles must be soft and smooth to prevent scratches to your stones. If you have a 3 stone personalized ring or a 4 stone personalized ring, you must give equal attention to each birthstone. Carefully scrub each gemstone to get the best results from cleaning.
  • Rinse the Ring under Running Water: At this stage, you must rinse the birthstone ring to wash off any remaining specks of dirt. However, you must skip this step for porous gemstones. If you have some jewelry cleaning solution, you can use it at this stage.
  • Wipe the Gems Carefully: You can use a soft, lint-free cloth for this step. Gently wipe and dry the various parts of the birthstone ring. If you are cleaning a 2 stone personalized ring, ensure that you wipe both the stones. 

Keep your birthstone ring in a clean, dry box after completing these steps. If you want to explore a variety of birthstone rings, do not forget to check out Bellanic’s collection!