Top 3 Birthstone Pendant Styles For Working Mom

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The best gifts are those that represent some special meaning. That is why birthstone jewelry is such a popular choice while buying a gift for your mom. If you are getting a stone personalized birthstone necklace for mom, you can explore the different styles available out there. Mothers' birthstone necklaces are available in a large variety. So if you have a working mom who prefers her jewelry to match her workwear, you can check out some elegant pendant options.


Why Pay Attention to the Pendant Style while Choosing a Birthstone Necklace?

When you buy a stone personalized birthstone necklace for mom, you probably want the dazzling gemstones to take the center stage. However, the pendant is as crucial as the gemstones that adorn it. The pendant style determines the versatility of the piece. Many people want to wear their birthstone necklaces in formal settings. In that case, they may love pieces that look minimalistic rather than over-the-top. In contrast, some wearers may want their birthstone necklaces to look eye-catching on special occasions. In such cases, it is best to invest in pieces that have more conspicuous designs. 

Best Pendant Ideas for Your Working Mom

If your working mom wants a pendant that matches her professional attire, she may love the following options.

  • Ribbon Pendant with Birthstones: The ribbon-style pendant is minimalistic and beautiful. It adds an effortless touch of elegance to any outfit. A sterling silver ribbon pendant complements both party dresses and office outfits. The silver hue is versatile enough to work with any outfit color. At the same time, the simplistic design can be subtle yet charming for any setting. The 2-stone ribbon-style birthstone necklace can feature two birthstones. If you have a sibling, then you can gift your mother a necklace with both your birthstones. However, if you are a single child, you can add your own birthstone and your mother’s birthstone to the same pendant to cement your bond.
  • Infinity Pendant with Birthstones: An infinity pendant is minimalistic yet rich in meaning. It symbolizes the eternal bond that you share with your mom. The pendant features two birthstones and two names. Here, you can add both your names. Alternatively, you can add simple words to signify your love. The minimalistic design fits in perfectly with formalwear. At the same time, the sparkle from the gorgeous gemstones can also work well if your mom wants to dress it up with cocktail outfits.
  • Open-ended Heart Style: If your mother loves feminine styles with a modern twist, an open-ended heart pendant with birthstones can be perfect for her. Working moms can rock this modern and chic design with all their outfits. This design includes two birthstones and two names. This combination ensures you can add your name as well as your mother’s to the necklace. This design is different from the typical heart-style pendants, but it blends a traditional design with a modern approach. 

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