What is the significance of a Personalized Mother’s Birthstone rings?

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A personalized mother’s ring is symbolic jewelry that symbolizes a mother’s or grandmother’s own diverse family. These rings can have one or multiple birthstones, each representing the children or the grandchildren of the woman. These birthstones represent the birth month of the family members on the ring.

Some people also get personalized engravings on the ring.

Why get personalized birthstone rings?

These rings, along with displaying the family's pride, can also be fantastic statement jewelry.  

These rings show the importance of one's family and prove to be a delicate and polished addition to your outfits. 

A mother's ring will always be a classic piece of jewelry that will always be in trend and your mother's favorite piece of jewelry in the years to come.


What made Mother's Birthstone rings so famous?

The Mother's rings were invented first by a jeweler who found a way to put multiple stones with screws attached to them on a ring. 

The idea behind this innovation was if a lady wished to wear her child's birth month as a symbol of her children. 

This new design was fashionable and a fun way to wear multiple stones together on one ring. 

The mother's rings became popular, especially during mother's day, as they became common in the gifting culture.


How to wear a mother's ring?

Traditionally, these rings were worn on the ring finger of the right hand.  It is believed that this ring should not be stacked with other non-valuable rings. But, some women also like to stack the mother's ring along with engagement and wedding rings. However, it is always the wearer's choice when it comes to how the ring should be worn. 


Multiple arrangements of these rings

These rings can be arranged in many different ways. They can either be placed based on gender, age, or color.


  • At Bellanic we also have 3 stoned birthstone rings, which may have different symbolizations. It can either symbolize a mother who has three children or it can also indicate the birthstones of the grandparents and a child. Also, it can represent the family members with the mother's and the father's birthstone surrounding the kid's birthstone, which acts as a sign of protection. 
  • In the case of larger families with several kids, or you want to purchase a gift for your grandma, which requires space to fit the birthstones of both her children and grandchildren. We have rings available that can seat up to 8 birthstones.


Are you interested in purchasing a personalized mother's ring? Bellanic has a wide range of collections with different types of engravings and designs of mother's rings. All our designs are created through the expertise and knowledge of birthstones, technicalities and creativity.