Gift the women in your life a splash of color with a personalized birthstone ring

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Birthstones are a selection of precious gemstones associated with the birth month. It is also seen that some months have multiple birthstones related to them, which have varying significance and histories.  

From the wide variety of colors to the distinct meaning they hold for the wearer, they have always been intriguing to people.  

Birthstones have been used since ancient times. The first time they were used was in the Breastplate of Aaron, as described in the book of Exodus. It had 12 stones, each one of which represented different tribes of Israel.  

Birthstones are associated with giving you luck, protection, and prosperity in the modern era. No matter how these monthly gemstones were assigned, our belief in birthstones hasn't faltered through the centuries.  

The idea that there's a gemstone associated with the celestial representation of people is an exciting fact. And when you want to tell a loved one how important they are, there's nothing like the mythically stones.  

Birthstones have become especially popular with jewelry connoisseurs.  

Birthstone jewelry is a great way to gift someone something different, personal, and beautiful. At Bellanic, we have designed a wide range of birthstone jewelry collections that complement our customer's needs. 


Gift idea for your better half

Shopping for the right gift to give to your wife can, at times, get very difficult. Perhaps you are newly married and don't know much about your wife's taste, or you have been together for a long time and have run out of ideas to surprise her. But you need not worry. Bellanic's personalized 2 stones gemstones rings guarantees to leave your wife speechless and awed.  


Gift idea for your child's mother

Becoming parents is one of the most beautiful moments of any couple's life. If you want to make it more memorable, consider giving your child's mother a Bellanic's 3 stone personalized gemstone ring. Where your's and your wife's birthstone surrounds the birthstone of your child, signifying the protected family you have created together.  


Gift idea for your mom

For a mother, her kids and her family are essential in the entire world. This is why, when considering giving gemstone jewelry to your mom, you should select a piece of jewelry featuring the birthstones of all her kids and grandkids. A family birthstone such as the 6 stone personalized ring or a 7 stone personalized ring showing her children in all their glory, a vibrant multicolor ring for her to wear daily would be a great choice.  


Gifting ideas for your Girlfriend 

Whether it's her birthday or a work promotion, nothing says "you are important for me" than a 1-stone personalized ring. A piece of jewelry that is chic and at the same time has a personal touch will surely make your friend smile.  

Birthstone jewelry can create timeless memories and a stronger bond with the women in your life. 


Check our Bellanic Birthstone jewelry collection for a wide range of jewelry.