Six Factors to consider before buying your personalized Silver sterling necklace

  • 2 min read

Personalized accessories have been in fashion for a long time. And for good reasons. It's not only an addition to make you look more put together, but it also brings out a part of your style and personality. 

Research shows that personalized necklaces are the top listed customized jewelry and are recommended by stylists and fashionistas to be a part of your outfits. 

A necklace can enhance your appearance, make you feel more put together and add that oomph factor to your look.


Why a stone personalized birthstone necklace?


  • Sterling silver necklaces are always in trend. 
  • Silver sterling necklaces are appropriate for every occasion. 
  • These are easy to maintain, durable, and suit every personality.


While a Personalized silver Sterling necklace can be a great addition to your own collection, it can be an even better gift for your loved ones. So, make sure to visit our website buy a Stone Personalized Birthstone Necklace. 


Tips to buy the perfect silver sterling necklace 

  • Shape-This is one of the crucial factors to consider while buying a silver Sterling necklace. A smaller piece with subtle designs would be a better fit for a person with a more petite body frame. While a bold, noticeable design would be a good fit for a larger body frame like 
  • Length-While you wouldn't want the necklace to be so short that it doesn't accentuate your beautiful neck and make you feel uncomfortable, you will also not want it to be so long that the locket won't be visible. The right length would be the one that ends right below your collarbone. 
  • Name tag-When buying your personalized Sterling silver necklace, another thing to consider is what you want the necklace to signify? Is it the initials of your own name or your nickname? Or the name of your loved one to make you think of them constantly. 
  • Font- The monogram font is an essential part of deciding your necklace. There are multiple fonts available at Bellanic. You should choose the one which resonates with your personality. 
  • Skin tones-One of the significant variables to consider before selecting your necklace is skin tone. For warmer skin tones, gold or rose gold goes better, while for cooler skin tones, Sterling silver necklace suits the best. Both Gold and Silver are suitable for neutral skin tones.


Whatever necklace you choose, let it make you feel more confident and elegant. It should bring out the best in your look and make you feel your best.