A Simple Guide to Buying Birthstone Rings for Your Mom

  • 3 min read

Mothers play a unique role in nurturing their children. They raise their children with love and care and shape their lives ahead. When these children grow up, it is their responsibility to care for their wonderful mothers and make them feel the best! If you are looking for a way to delight your mom and give her the best she deserves, you should consider some personalized gifts. Personalized presents, like birthstone rings for mom, are a great way to remind your mother that she has a special place in your heart. But how do you choose the perfect ring for your mom? This simple guide will help you figure that out.

What Is So Special About a Birthstone Ring?

A birthstone ring is a sentimental piece of jewelry for any mother. A birthstone ring typically features the birthstones of her children. History suggests that the concept of birthstone rings came into existence when the jeweler "John C Nordt" fused two wedding rings as a gift to one's mother. Today, a mother's ring features stones representing the months when her children were born. You can gift your mother a 1 stone personalized ring if you are an only child. If you have a sibling, you can team up to get her a 2 stone personalized ring. The number of birthstones corresponds to the number of children a mother has.

A birthstone ring also features engravings to depict names or unique messages with a sentimental value. For example, if you buy your mother a 3 stone personalized ring, you can add some engravings to bring back special memories for her. Alternatively, you can add the names of her three children. These designs and engravings can help your mother show off her love for you and your siblings everywhere she goes. These birthstones are special because they mark the unique bond between a mother and her offspring. Their sentimental value is unparalleled, making it an excellent gift for your mom.

How to Order a Birthstone Ring?

Ordering a birthstone ring is super simple. You can visit the website of a top jewelry store like Bellanic. Here, you can browse through varied options like 4 stone personalized rings or 5 stone personalized rings for your mom. Once you find a design you love, click on the product image. Doing so will redirect you to the product page. Then, you can select the stones and add your names to finalize the design. After this, you can add the product to the cart and check out as you would in any online store.

Tips to Remember while Buying a Birthstone Ring

  • Carefully select the relevant birth months. This step is crucial to ensure that the personalization is on point.
  • If you are from a large family, you can gift your mom a family ring. A 6 stone personalized ring or a 7 stone personalized ring can help feature the birthstones of more people than just you and your siblings!
  • Place the order at least ten days before you need to send a gift to your mom. Custom orders take time, and advance orders are crucial for timely arrival.

Now that you have all these details, why don’t you check out Bellanic’s beautiful collection of birthstone rings? Buy one today to seal the bond between you and your mom!