Basic Jewelry Care

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Basic Jewelry Care

Every fine piece of jewelry requires proper care. While some jewelry pieces may require specific care, the majority of jewelry needs to be taken care of by following the guidelines below:

Sunlight - Similar to how the sun can damage skin the heat and light harm certain gems. A lot of sunlight can dull or harm amethyst or topaz. Pearls are susceptible to bleaching and peeling in the presence of too much sunlight. Other gemstones, including Opal, will darken if exposed to light for too long. To avoid any doubts put jewelry in a dark container or case for jewelry.

Chemicals - Exposure to household chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia, could cause damage to gemstones and metals. Even the chemicals you wear on the body, such as hairsprays, lotions, perfumes and other can harm metals as well as dull stones. To ensure your jewelry is looking fresh, you should apply any lotions, perfumes, or hairspray prior to applying jewelry. Also, it's best to take off jewelry that is fine prior to swimming or using any kind of household cleaner.

Treated Gemstones - Nowadays  many gems are being treated and they require special attention. Any treatment must be explained when purchasing. Gemstones that have been treated may be negatively affected by steam, heat or ultrasonic cleaners, as well as specific solvents. Follow the instructions of your jewelry store to ensure that you keep your gemstone jewelry radiant.

Ultrasonic Cleaners. While ultrasonic cleaners are excellent to clean diamonds, metals and certain gems however, they shouldn't be used in the following scenarios:

  • Organic gems such as coral, pearls, or ivory.

  • Any gemstone that has been filled with resin, oil or glass. For instance, the majority of emeralds have been fracture-filled and therefore shouldn't be cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaning system.

  • Coated gems. For example, Mystic Fire Topaz have been coated with an azotic coat and shouldn't be cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaning system.

  • Certain gems treated with heat.

  • All gemstones that are prone to temperature fluctuations or changes in temperature such as iolite, tanzanite or opal. are not recommended to be cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaning system.


Storing Your Jewels

A proper storage solution for your  jewelry is crucial.

 Jewelry boxes with felt-lined and cushioned slots for necklaces, rings and earrings will help keep them neat, tidy and secure. Some boxes have anti-tarnish cloth lined which is ideal for storage of sterling silver jewelry.

Opals and pearls draw humidity from the air, therefore placing them in a lockbox isn't an ideal plan. Place them in a jewelry box that is compartmentalized or in a bag that protects them like a velvet pouch. The most effective way for them to stay like new should be to put them on. Pearls take in moisture naturally from air and absorb oils from the skin, keeping them looking shiny.

With minimal effort, your jewelry pieces are able to be cleaned, properly cared for, stored safely and give you years of enjoyment.