Family Birthstone Necklaces: Everything You Need To Know

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On most days, the world is a tough place to be in. We could all do with an extra dash of love and luck to get us by. Many people believe that wearing our birthstones can heal us and bring us luck and good fortune. Others believe that wearing a family birthstone necklace can help them feel more connected to their loved ones. Whatever your belief may be, jewelry studded with birthstones can be a sentimental and beautiful way to satisfy that faith. But even though birthstone-based trinkets are very popular among people, they are also enigmatic because people don't know much about them. That is why we are decoding these trinkets so you can make a well-informed choice!

Family Birthstone Necklaces: What Are They?

A family birthstone necklace is a necklace adorned by the birthstones of family members. Everyone's birthstone depends on their birth month. For example, the birthstone of a November-born may be a Topaz or a Citrine. An online birthstone chart will help you know about your birthstone or the birthstone of a loved one.

A necklace studded with family birthstones features the gems representing the birth months of your family. Such a necklace can have engravings to mark the names of your family members against the stones of their birth months. This necklace can help you carry the memory of your family close to your heart everywhere you go. At the same time, a family birthstone necklace can be more than a sentimental piece. The sparkling stones can add a touch of glam and glimmer to any outfit and make for a great fashion statement wherever you go.

Family Birthstone Necklaces: Turning the Pages of History

Historians are divided on the origins of these necklaces. While many tout them as an age-old trend, others feel they became popular around the 1950s. Other origin stories suggest that this trend emerged when mothers started to wear their children’s birthstones as pendants or when they fused the birthstones of their newlywed children and their spouses. Some even believe that these necklaces became fashionable when jewelers began to market them as Mother’s Day gifts. But whatever their origins, these necklaces are a great way to incorporate personalized jewelry into anyone’s style.

Are Birthstone Necklaces Only for Mothers?

While these necklaces started as an adornment for mothers, they are now for anyone and everyone. You can get yourself a name necklace with a birthstone to celebrate yourself. Similarly, you can combine the birthstones of your parents to wear them around your neck. At the same time, these necklaces can be an excellent gift for anyone who wants to carry a piece of their family with them.

What Are Some Birthstone Necklace Designs to Consider?

If you want to pick up a birthstone necklace, you may consider the following designs.

  • A single-birthstone necklacecan help you personalize your pendant for a unique style.
  • Multi-birthstone necklaces with anything between two and eight birthstones can help you carry the memories of multiple family members simultaneously.
  • You can experiment with different designs in birthstone necklaces like a heart-shaped pendant to show love, an infinity necklace to depict an unending bond or baby feet motifs to remember your child.

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