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A Time of Celebration and Remembrance

Undoubtedly these last few years have been very trying on relationships. Some couples were unable to travel to see each other in person. While others transitioned to the kids beginning distance learning. Whatever your situation, the pandemic has certainly had an impact on every couple. As we begin our journey into 2022, we have hope that life will return to the pre-pandemic normal. This new hope brings about the perfect opportunity to celebrate the love you share with your partner. After all, you both survived the pandemic, the relationship still intact. However, let’s talk about a gift that will become a cherished part of daily life for your better half. 

Personalized Couples’ Jewelry

Jewelry has the distinct advantage of being a long-lasting gift that can be integrated into everyday life. Personalized jewelry introduces the ability to make a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to help your significant other feel the magnitude of your love. Navigating the jewelry marketplace can be difficult with the variety of options available. To help you find the perfect piece for your significant other we have composed a collection to showcase the many unique options that are available. Now let us dive in and discover what your next gift for your loved one will be. 

As Unique as the Recipient

Let’s start by discussing the available finishes. Silver has an iconic tone with a calm and cool feeling. Then there is gold with its bold and bright luster that conveys an energy and fire in its reflections. Rising steadily in popularity for the last few decades is rose gold. Rose gold is a medium between silver and gold. It has a subtle energetic tone that can convey feelings of calm or excitement depending on the accents it is paired with. Skin tone and complexion are important factors of any jewelry finish decision. For light or fair-complected persons, silver can provide a subtle accent that doesn’t distract from the recipient’s overall appearance. Tan and dark complexions will find that silver provides the vivid pop that makes the jewelry stand out. Standing contrary to this is gold. For tan and dark complexions, gold can accent the skin tone without distracting the eye from it. While silver will appear to jump out and draw attention. Rose gold is unique in that it tends to accent middle hue skin tones but stands out on both light and dark complexions. The pop of rose gold for all skin tones is slightly more subtle than silver or gold. This versatility is likely the reason why rose gold has grown in popularity. Now let’s take a look at the various styles that are available to match your partner’s unique style and tastes.

Stone Selection

Selecting what stones to place in yourcustom name necklace orpersonalized name ring can be tough to navigate. To help with that we have included a chart of what stones we offer and what month they correspond with.














Clear Crystal
























Blue Zircon


When choosing which stones to place in your gift, consider selecting stones that correspond with traits you love about the one to whom you will be gifting it. Are they a calm and positive person? Consider the combination of garnet and an emerald. You could even select your favorite color and their favorite color. With a little creativity, there is bound to be a way to make this ring or necklace as one-of-a-kind as the recipient.

Now that you have established what finish and what stones you would like we’ll jump into some top choices for yourpersonalized couples’ jewelry

Simple & Timeless

In this first category, we will take a look at various designs that are simple but elegant. Pieces that are sure to become a timeless reminder of the love you both share.

Thispersonalized name necklace contains two lines for names and two heart-shaped stones. These stones can be the birthstones of you and your spouse or colors that have significance to your relationship. These stones are set in a yellow gold finish that is framed in a silver twist pendant.

Featuring a rose gold finish, this heartpendant is made up of two flowing lines that are rounded off with two heart-shaped stones. Making this piece simple enough for everyday wear as well as being a charming accessory for formal settings. 

This piece keeps things simple with itsspiral band inlaid with two stones. With its overlapping bands, it symbolizes the blending of lives when two become one. Additionally, this ring has a third space for engraving inside the lower part of the band. Make this a wonderful accessory that will remind the wearer of your love for them every time they two-heart gaze at this ring.

A pair of two hearts is a timeless symbol of a couple. Incorporating this traditional imagery, thetwo hearts band is topped with two stones that can be accented with personalized engravings on each side. You can even place a secret message or special date on the lower inside of the ring. Have fun with it, maybe even put a coded message into the band.

Flair & Fashion

Some recipients will have a taste for a touch of flair or fashion in their accessories. Our next selection features name necklaces andname rings that have theje ne sais quoi in their designs.

Withtwo hearts and a split band, thiscustom name ring creates a feeling of motion. At the apex, there are two heart-shaped stones. Then the split band uses a row of accent crystals that swing away from the center stones. By adding names and a special date or phrase at the bottom, this ring will serve as a reminder of the strength of your bond with your other half for years to come.

The infinity symbol is another trend that has become popular in personalized couples’ jewelry. It is comprised of a figure-eight pattern turned on its side. Thisinfinity band features a row of accent crystals at the peak of the ring creating a three-dimensional look to this infinity symbol. In the center of each loop of the infinity symbol is a round stone that can be a variety of colors based on how you would like to personalize this regal-looking ring.

In the line ofcustom name necklaces, thisthree heart design is composed of a stylized heart shape resembling a flowing ribbon. In the center of this are two heart-shaped stones placed at an angle so as to add to the flowing feel of the pendant. Then we have the crystal accents that appear to peek out from under the right side of the ribbon as it curls. With these elegant lines and motion, this necklace is sure to be a topic of conversation in any formal or casual setting, reminding your significant other of your love for them every time they are asked about it.

Next, we have thisCladdagh necklace. For those who are unfamiliar with this symbol, the Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol of a crowned heart being held by a pair of hands. This symbolizes love, loyalty, and royalty. The center is a Celtic trinity knot. These knots are another form of an infinity symbol with the added touch of a woven look. The heart-shaped stones are topped with crowns of mill grain loops creating texture and luster. Anyone receiving this personalized necklace is sure to feel like royalty.

And speaking of royalty, we have thiscrown ring. This ring has been adorned with a filigree scrollwork pattern that gives this ring the appearance of a crown. Clear crystals appear throughout the filigree work as accents. At the center of the crown, there is a pair of heart-shaped stones. With three spaces for engraving, this ring can easily be personalized to commemorate the love you share with your partner. 

Next, we have two different styles of ribbon-inspiredcustom name necklaces. Theleft necklace features a more three-dimensional ribbon shape twisting around. Then each end of the ribbon is topped with a heart-shaped stone that is angled to make the pendant appear as if it would continue twisting. This unique piece is certain to draw attention and lead to your loved one being frequently reminded of this charming and elegant reminder of the love that you share. On theright side, we have a similar ribbon designname necklace. The primary difference is that the stones at the end of each end of the ribbon are placed upright appearing to be stacked on one another. Both of these designs have room for two names to give them a truly personal touch.

Appearing next we have more use of the two hearts designs. However, unlike our previous selections, thisstackedname necklace has both names carved into the off-center edges of the hearts. To accent this piece there are two round stones in the upper left curve of the heart. 

An alternative to this style is themirrored name necklace. In this version, the names are on opposite sides of the heart. The center lines of the heart are joined by two round stones. This pendant captures the imagery of two hearts becoming one. 

A second alternative is thisrose gold-tone two heart design. Similar to the first carved name design both names are carved into the right side of the heart. However, the line creating the right side of the heart is carved to make it appear as if it curves around to form the outer line of the second heart. This adds a three-dimensional feel to this pendant that is sure to catch the eye of anyone nearby.

Whichever carved pendant you choose, it is sure to be a memorable display of your affection for your partner. 

Are you and your partner a perfect match or perfectly opposite personalities? Then take a look at thiseclipsependant. This pendant features two offset circles. Positioned in a similar fashion to the moon as it eclipses the sun. Millgrain lines the inner circle widening on the left side to frame a band of accent crystals. Then appearing to be placed in the center of the moon are two heart-shaped stones. The eclipse pendant beautifully captures the balance and beauty that opposites can bring to a relationship.

How about using two hearts to create an infinity symbol. That’s exactly what thisinfinity heart ring does. For such a simple design, this ring shouts elegance and beauty. With engravable sections on either side of the center stones and inside the lower area of the band this piece is sure to become a cherished piece in any jewelry collection.

Last, but surely not least. There is thisinfinity pendant. The left side of this pendant holds two round stones. Following the loop, we come to the right side of the loop where the word love is carved into the loop. Making this a unique take on a popular style and a unique choice that is sure to make your loved one feel truly special.

We Made It

Yes, we made it. Not just to the end of our list, but the end of 2021. It’s a new year and with all the stress and strain that the pandemic has wrought on relationships, take time to celebrate the strength of your relationship with a gift that symbolizes your commitment to one another. There are many great options forpersonalized name necklaces andcustom name rings so be sure to take a look at the full collection. Take the time to make this next holiday or anniversary memorable with a gift as unique as the love you share. While flowers may fade and chocolate melts, a personalized couples necklace or ring will last for years to come. A vigilant and regular reminder of your love for the wearer.