5 Stone Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone Necklaces: The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Mom

If you are looking to give a thoughtful gift to your mom, look no further than a personalized5 stone birthstone necklace.  They will wow her with your attention to detail, carry a deep symbolic meaning, and have other benefits besides.  With so many combinations, so much history, and the right amount of preparation on your part, a 5 stone birthstone necklace is sure to please her on Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any special occasion.

Details Matter

A custom birthstone necklace for mom is a wonderful way to show her your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.  They are incredibly versatile, and she will be able to wear one on any occasion, no matter how formal or casual.  With so many stones, combinations, and arrangements to choose from, you can customize them however you want.  For that extra personal touch, you can give her a personalized birthstone necklace with traditional or laser engraving.  No matter what configuration you choose, all 12 of the birthstones bring a unique, natural beauty that she is sure to love.

Custom birthstone necklaces are as varied as you could possibly want.  Whether you are looking forvertical orhorizontal arrangements, a 5 stone birthstone necklace will make a bold statement.  If you prefer aheart shape to show your love or want to add a moretraditional touch, these configurations will add the depth of history to your mom’s jewelry collection.

One of the best qualities of a personalized birthstone necklace for mom is that it draws a powerful connection between the jewelry and her beloved family.  You could select stones to remind her of you and your siblings, or to make her remember family members who have passed on.  With modern engraving you can add names next to the stones, using your gift to draw the family closer together.

Your mother’s birthstone necklace will be wonderfully versatile.  Precious gemstones set in gold, silver, and other precious metals are formal enough for any occasion, but a 5 stone necklace adds a splash of color that is playfully casual.  

All the qualities of birthstone necklaces for mom converge to make them a uniquely beautiful gift on many different levels.  The natural, earthy beauty of gemstones has been favored for millennia, and necklaces fashioned from precious metals have augmented the prestige of kings and emperors.  By adding your own touches and a dash of family history, your 5 stone birthstone necklaces will take on a specific, meaningful beauty for your mother.

Deeply Meaningful and Symbolic

What sets birthstone necklaces apart is their unique ability to weave history, symbolism, beauty, and family all together into one small present.  Their power lies in the stones themselves.  But where do they get this power and what does each stone do?  Learning about all the stones will allow you to explain to mom, or whoever else you wish, what the birthstones say about her and the other members of your family.     




Nobody really knows exactly how or when the idea of birthstones was developed.  Some people look as far back as the Book of Exodus when Moses commissioned an ornate piece of armor for Aaron, a high priest of the Israelites.  This breastplate was fitted with 12 precious stones, one for each of the tribes of Israel.  

Centuries later, in the Roman period, Josephus and St. Jerome drew connections between the stones in Aaron’s armor to the signs of the Zodiac and the Twelve Apostles.  Slowly over time, the stones themselves took on an alchemical or mystical quality, and in the 16th-century, people in Poland or Germany began to associate them with the months of the year.  


Each birthstone has its own unique look, traditions, meaning, and power.  Whether you believe in the more supernatural elements of gemology or not, learning about the secret meanings of the stones, and what they might say about you and your family, add layered significance to your 5 stone birthstone necklace for mom.  

January - Garnet

Garnets are usually a deep red, but they come in rarer shades of yellow, green, and purple.  They represent faith, purity, and truth, and people have carried garnets for millennia to keep them safe while traveling.  Some ancient cultures believed garnets could protect against venomous snakebites or expunge disorders of the blood.  

February - Amethyst

The birthstone of February was once reserved only for royalty.  Now, the amethyst is worn to prevent intoxication and promote tranquility.  In fact, the ancient Greek name for the amethyst meant “not drunk,” and they believed that an amethyst at the bottom of a wine cup would prevent drunkenness and ward off depression and anxiety.  

March – Aquamarine

The Romans associated aquamarine with Neptune and carried it with them to keep them safe and free from seasickness on ocean voyages.  Still, others believe that it can cure heart, liver, and stomach ailments.  People born under the auspices of this stone may have increased insightfulness and clarity of thought.

April – Diamond

Diamonds represent strength, endurance, and courage.  As a birthstone, it can increase fertility and promote reconciliation.  The clarity and brilliance of diamonds have been valued above almost anything else for many thousands of years, and they are often associated with the sun.  The ancient Hindu word for diamond was the same as “lightning,” which was the main weapon of Indra, King of the Gods.  

May – Emerald

Emeralds are famous for their brilliant green coloring.  They are close relatives to aquamarine and have associations with water as the source of eternal life.  The Romans dedicated this stone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, who may have been born of the sea.  Some people believe that wearing an emerald will bring you serenity, wisdom, and personal growth.

June – Pearl

People have worn pearls for thousands of years to show their purity and chastity. As the only organically produced gemstone, pearls are deeply connected to our lifecycle and can symbolize longevity and rejuvenation.  Some ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of Aphrodite, and as such could absorb emotions; if someone wore a pearl while they were happy, they would relive the feeling the next time they put it on.

July – Ruby

According to the ancient Hindus, ruby was the “King of Gems,” and ancient Hindu warriors would implant small rubies under their skin to make them invincible in battle.  For many, the ruby shows strength.  Others see the fiery red and associate it with love and passion.  As a royal jewel in many cultures, the ruby can also symbolize nobility and prosperity.

August – Peridot

Because of its pale, dusky green, the peridot has been called evening emerald.  In Hawaii, where volcanoes have left deposits of peridot, ancient peoples believed they were the tears of the volcano goddess Pele, daughter of Haumea.  In other cultures, peridot brings balance and calm and can clear the air for a successful, loving marriage.  When set in gold, peridot is believed to prevent nightmares and promote restful sleep.

September – Sapphire

Ancient priests and kings often favored sapphires for their ability to neutralize poison.  Clear air and calm water share a close association with sapphires, and they can symbolize serenity, intuition, and forthrightness.  Mystics have believed for thousands of years that sapphires increase psychic powers and can protect the wearer from envious curses.

October – Opal

Opal is a mysterious and magical gemstone that comes in many colors, sometimes all at once!  It is an iridescent stone that was said to have the powers of every gemstone it shared a color with.  As an extension of this idea, opal was later believed to absorb emotions and energy in a similar way to pearls.  In some folk traditions, opal was associated with eyesight and could either heal damaged sight or render the wearer invisible to prying eyes. 

November – Topaz

Topaz holds a close affinity to the element air.  It was the beloved gemstone of Ra and Apollo, and fittingly symbolizes and imparts strength and intellect.  In some traditions, topaz was associated with truth and ferreting out secrets.  

December – Turquoise

The Egyptian goddess Hathor was called “Lady of Turquoise” and oversaw fertility and joy for her people.  The Aztecs, Mayans, and Pueblo people of the New World associated turquoise with the blue sea and green earth.  Turquoise can bring wisdom and happiness to its wearer, as well as luck and creativity.  Some believe that a ring of turquoise can ward off the evil eye.  

How to Care for Your 5 Stone Birthstone Necklace  

Proper care of your 5 stone birthstone necklace is very important if you want to maintain the shine of the metal and the brilliance of the gems.  Generally, it is a straightforward process, but to get the best out of your birthstone jewelry, you need to understand how to clean it and what you can do to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Get to Know Your Birthstones

The best way to clean your gems is with warm water, a soft brush, and some mild detergent.  However, birthstones all have very different compositions and will react differently from each other in the same circumstances.  For example, some cannot withstand any exposure to chemicals while others do not fare well in excessive heat.  Pearls will disintegrate when exposed to some chemicals that are in common jewelry cleaning solutions.  To make sure you do not damage or degrade your 5 stone birthstone necklaces you should familiarize yourself with proper care and maintenance.

The Mohs scale is the preferred metric for designating the hardness of a gem or metal.  Sapphires, rubies, and diamonds all have very high Mohs scale ratings, and that is part of their appeal.  But hardness alone does not guarantee the survivability of a gem in every circumstance.  All three of these stones could have tiny chips, cracks, or imperfections that cause them to break under a change in temperature or mechanical cleaning. 

Sometimes jewelry manufacturers will treat their gemstones with oils or other compounds to increase their brilliance.  These treatments fill in the small cracks in the stone and increase the gem’s transparency.  Unfortunately, these treatments often expand or release chemicals when they are heated up, and the pressure they exert can damage the birthstone from within.  

It is best to have your precious gems professionally appraised.  A competent gemologist can determine the quality of your stones and identify any treatments that have been applied to them.  Furthermore, a gemologist can spot the individual characteristics of any gem and give you clear advice on the best way to care for it.  

Cleaning Your Birthstone Necklace

The cleaning process for most jewelry is simple, and unless you have specific requirements for one or more of the stones in your mom’s birthstone necklace, you have nothing to worry about.  After letting the necklace soak for a minute or two in a mixture of mild detergent and warm water, she should gently scrub it with a soft brush.  If there is any grime that cannot be removed with the brush, she can use a toothpick to pick it out gently.  Once she’s finished, one more rinse in the mixture.  Then, she should just shake it dry and polish it with a lint-free cloth. For opals and pearls, your mother should be very careful not to wipe them with a cloth to get dirt and grime off while they are dry.  Both birthstones can scratch very easily.  

Habits for Longevity

If you want to keep your birthstone necklace for mom sparkling and radiant, make sure to tell her she should apply body sprays or hair products before she puts on the necklace.  The chemicals in most common spray deodorants can cause awful reactions in many birthstones, especially pearls.  Your mother’s birthstone necklace should also be worn outside of clothes whenever possible.  Perspiration can stain gemstones, particularly pearls, which absorb acids in the skin.  

With proper cleaning and careful handling, your mother’s 5 stone birthstone necklace will stay clean and sparkling for many years.  If you want to impress your mom with a gift that is beautiful, thoughtful, and layered with meaning and symbolism, a 5 stone birthstone necklace for mom is the way to go.