4 Stone Birthstone Necklace

4 Stone Birthstone Necklaces Make Great Gifts for Every Occasion

A sentimental gift will always remind your loved one who presented it to them, where they were, and what was said. It is possible to give almost anything as a present. Even for loved ones who are notoriously difficult to buy for, finding something meaningful while also being really practical is possible. Whatever it is, a thoughtful gift fulfills a need, satisfies a desire, or brings joy to the recipient.

Despite this, it's impossible to deny that some presents hold a more significant sentiment. For example, jewelry has a way of evoking strong feelings in those who wear it. Giving someone a piece of jewelry is always a thoughtful gesture, and this may be because some jewelry pieces signify significant events in people's lives, like marriages and births. 

Alternatively, it could also be because of their price point, and jewelry requires a lot of time and effort to satisfy the recipient. Regardless, one thing for sure is that jewelry is a wearable item that is beautiful, functional, and meaningful.

Gifting a loved one a 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace is a beautiful idea. It is a sweet and thoughtful gesture that will undoubtedly be appreciated by that special someone in your life. Because of their exquisite and timeless design, necklaces make lovely gifts for any occasion. A simple necklace can do so much to memorialize a special person in your life, and you can gift it to your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, or that special woman in your life.

While the necklace can be given as a present, or you can also keep it for yourself. Your favorite gemstones can be used to create a necklace that is completely unique to your persona.

With its traditional, unobtrusive style, a 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace is appropriate for any outfit or event. In addition, you can create a timeless and unique piece by combining four different birthstones of your choosing. You can also choose to get the necklace engraved with a special message or name, making it even more meaningful.

Finally, the 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace can be a magnificent heirloom that can passed down through the generations.

What are Birthstones?

Birthstones can be a fun and educational way for many individuals to learn about gemstones. Birthstones are gemstones that signify a person's month of birth. Each month has a unique gem, and some months have multiple gems associated with it.

Birthstones have long been a source of fascination for many people. Birthstones also have myths and legends associated with them. There is a widespread belief that birthstones have symbolic meanings and even magical properties that might benefit the wearer's day-to-day activities, such as healing and skill enhancement.

Traditional vs. Modern Birthstones

As far back as history can remember, birthstones have been around, and numerous cultures have made extensive use of them. Traditional birthstones, also known as ancient birthstones, differed significantly from culture to culture. However, some are thought to have been more extensively used between the 15th and 20th centuries. The most well-known list of traditional or old birthstones in the United States dates back to the 16th-18th centuries in Poland.

The National Association of Jewelers published a so-called "modern birthstones" list in 1912. Compared to the traditional list, this one only included transparent gems. 

Currently, the modern birthstone chart continues to grow, with new possibilities being added on a regular basis. For example, spinel, citrine, and tanzanite are relatively new moderators.

It's not uncommon for people to choose stones from both categories. Traditional gems are also less expensive or more commonly available than their modern counterparts. Consequently, some of the more classic stones are still in demand.

Below are the traditional and modern birthstones associated with each month of the year:


Traditional -Garnet and Hyacinth or Jacinth

Modern- Garnet


Traditional -Amethyst, Hyacinth, and Pearl

Modern -Amethyst


Traditional -Bloodstone and Jasper

Modern -Aquamarine and Bloodstone


Traditional -Diamond and Sapphire

Modern - Diamond


Traditional -Emerald and Agate

Modern -Emerald


Traditional -Pearl, Emerald, Turquoise, Agate, and Chalcedony

Modern -Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone


Traditional -Ruby, Onyx, Carnelian, Ruby

Modern -Ruby


Traditional -Sardonyx, Carnelian, Moonstone, and Topaz

Modern -Peridot and Spinel


Traditional -Sapphire, Chrysolite, Zircon, and Sardonyx

Modern -Sapphire


Traditional -Opal, Aquamarine, Coral, and Beryl

Modern -Tourmaline and Opal


Traditional -Topaz, Pearl, and Cat's Eye

Modern -Golden Topaz and Citrine


Traditional -Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Bloodstone, Ruby, and Chrysoprase

Modern -Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, and Tanzanite

Even today, new birthstones are being added to the modern birthstone chart, so people can choose from both the old and the new lists to find the gems that speak to their individual tastes.

Choosing the Birthstones for Your 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace

With so many different birthstones, one might wonder which birthstones would work well together. However, gemstone color combinations can really come to life if certain elements are considered when designing jewelry. 

If you're going to design jewelry, the colors you choose must be the ones you or the recipient will feel good wearing. In order to get a beautiful result, colors can either be kept simple or blended. In addition, there is a wide choice of colors and gemstones to choose from, allowing you to construct something unique and exciting. 

Most color combinations work if the colors aren't competing with each other. You can create a beautiful design by using one dominant hue and using the others as accents or support.

Here are some birthstone color combinations you can use for a 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace design:

  • Birthstones with hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel

  • They will complement each other and balance each other out. For example, yellow is the opposite of purple. Therefore, you can use Tanzanite, Amethyst, Yellow Topaz, and Citrine. 

  • Birthstones with the same or similar hues

  • You can choose to use the same four birthstones or four different birthstones with the same hues. For example, you can use four birthstones with blue hues such as Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Blue Zircon, and Sapphire.

  • Birthstones that double complementary or tetradic color scheme

  • This is when two colors are next to each other on the color wheel and are paired with two colors on the other side. For example, blue and green would be paired with orange and red. You can choose the birthstones Sapphire, Emerald, Citrine, and Ruby for this color scheme.

    You can also choose birthstones that have special importance to you or the person you're giving the necklace to when deciding what gems to include in your 4-Stone Birthstone Necklace.  

    Here are some ways to ideas to you can choose from:

  • Birthstone month with four significant dates

  • These dates could be birthdays, anniversaries, and many more. For example, popular days to gift a 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace are Mother's Day and Birthdays. In addition, people often choose the grandmother's, mother's, daughter's, and great-granddaughter's birthday birthstones. 

    • Birthstones important symbolism or meaning

    For example, you might wish someone protection, serenity, hope, and wisdom. In which case, you would choose the birthstones Garnet, Aquamarine, Emerald, and Amethyst.

    It is essential to remember that there are no formal rules or a right or wrong way to choose the birthstones for your 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace. You can either choose colors based on the suggestions above or simply because you like them.

    Is It a Good Idea to Engrave a Necklace?

    An engraving might be an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. But, on the other hand, to engrave requires great thinking and shouldn't be rushed.

    Making a piece of jewelry more special is the most obvious reason to have it engraved. However, to add an extra sentimental flair to your jewelry, a heartfelt inscription can be the best way to do so. Incorporating a personal message into the engraving enhances the gift's emotional value while also establishing the item's provenance.

    If you're considering an engraved present, think about what you want it to mean to the receiver. Engravings can serve as a powerful symbol of a strong relationship between two individuals, enhancing the worth and originality of the piece of jewelry.

    Finding a suitable phrase to engrave can be a daunting task for anyone. Names, dates, or even phrases can be engraved. It's your call. The message, however, should be personal and intimate. It's a great way to bring back happy memories for you and the recipient.

    Both machine engraving and hand engraving are options for engraving the design onto the jewelry. For machine engraving, a diamond-tipped needle is controlled by a computer program to make inscribed designs. On the other hand, a skilled engraver uses a series of tempered steel hand tools, known as gravers, to carve out the letters or design on the metal surface, generally with pencil lead.

    Can Engravings Be Removed?

    Getting jewelry engraved is something that many individuals put off because of the cost or the difficulty in removing the engraving. Pricing may be a consideration, but the option of removal remains open to you. However, it isn't a simple process, and the procedure varies from item to item.

    Many jewelers can sometimes just simply buff it away if you don't like the engraving. 

    Other times, engravings can only be removed by a jeweler by blasting the metal with a laser, which smooths out its texture. Then, the jeweler polishes the piece to a smooth, blank surface and returns it to its original form.

    A jeweler can remove engravings by blasting the metal with a laser, which smooths out its texture. Finally, the jeweler polishes the piece to a smooth, blank surface and returns it to its original form.

    However, gold and silver-plated goods are more difficult to work with than other metals.  The reason is that gold and silver plated jewelry can be made either from high-quality or low-quality materials, and the engraving removal process removes the plating. Therefore, re-plating the piece is necessary to bring back the original look of the jewelry.

    How To Care For And Maintain a 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace?

    If you want your gemstone jewelry to remain in pristine condition for many years to come, you must clean it on a regular basis and avoid any activities that could scratch or damage them. These suggestions can assist you in cleaning and maintaining your gemstones jewelry:

    • Remove your gemstone rings before engaging in strenuous physical activity or using your hands. A tough hit could cause some gems to shatter. 
    • When cleaning gemstone jewelry, it is recommended to place it in a bowl of water with a few drops of regular dish soap. Scrub lightly behind the stone with an old, soft toothbrush to remove any accumulated dust or soap. Afterward, simply rinse with water and gently dry with a soft cloth.
    • The porous nature of organic jewels like pearls, amber, and coral necessitates extra attention while handling them as they are incredibly delicate. These gems are sensitive to specific chemicals and could damage them. Take extra care when handling these chemicals near the gems.
    • Avoid any contact with water if you want to keep your sterling silver jewelry in top condition. Pure water will not harm 925 sterling silver. However, water that is not purified can damage sterling silver jewelry. 
    • Ensure your silver is protected from tarnishing by keeping it in an airtight bag with an anti-tarnish strip.
    • Use a microfiber towel or a special jewelry cloth to avoid scratches.

    The Bottom Line

    Even though there are finer things in life, receiving a present from a friend or loved one is the best feeling in the world. Small or large, it doesn't matter if it's appreciated. You do not need to spend a fortune on a gift to make someone happy. Today, jewelry is a prevalent type of gifting.

    One of the beautiful things about giving jewelry as a present is that you can do so to everyone, from children to adults. It is timeless and may be worn by people of all ages. It looks good on everyone, regardless of skin tone, from the lightest to the darkest. So, it's a good fit for everyone.

    There's no reason to doubt that jewelry is an excellent choice for a present at any time of year. The best part is that people can choose from an infinite number of options, such as a beautifully customized 4 Stone Birthstone Necklace.