Personalized Silver Sterling Monogram Necklace

“Your monogram is more than a name.”

Bellanic Monogram Necklaces

What is a monogram?

A monogram is a motif made up of multiple letters to represent a longer phrase or name. Often you will see monograms used to shorten long business names. Usually, the logo of professional services uses the first initial of the partners’ names. Another example is professional items like folders, pens, and paper.

Professionals often have office supplies with their initials on them to appear more successful. This successful image derives from the fact that it costs more money to put your initials on many pencils rather than just buying stock pencils.

This applies to home goods as well. Classically having monogrammed towels, plates, hairbrushes, etc, was expected and considered classy. This practice fell out of style due to the sheer cost of replacing everything, but the image of the monogram never faded. Monograms still retain their class, sophistication, and elegance whenever you see them embossed on something personal.

Monogram necklaces are not the exception, but rather they are the current definition of the rule. A Birth Stone Personalized monogram Birthstone Necklace is highly prized as it is beautiful and elegant in its simplicity. When you are picking out a Personalized Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace, the lettering should be formal and large. It should be slightly challenging to read but noticeable from a distance. A Bellanic Personalized Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace will perfectly accentuate your neckline and upper chest. It will lay flat on clothing and fit nicely under a collar.

How do you choose the monogram?

Traditionally a personalized monogram birthstone necklace allows for three letters placed in the middle of an emblem. The centerpiece could be a circle, square, hexagon, oval, or rectangle. The question of choice doesn’t stem from the shape, but rather, it stems from the people involved. Often if a newlywed couple purchased dinner plates and silver items, they would have to decide what initials to put on the things. Would they pick the husband or the wife? Which spouse would win the question?

The answer is both. Because the items were usually a gift to the couple, the silverware would include both sets of names. They would use the initials of their first names and then the first initial of the last name. This compromise works well with families that share a last name. Back in the day, it was uncommon for wives to keep their last names. This is more common these days.

So, when you are designing a Silver Monogram Necklace, make sure to consider your circumstances. You could easily choose the first, middle, and last names of the wearer for the initials. Or you could take a traditional approach and combine your names. This second approach only works if you share a last name. However, you could be creative about it. For example, the third initial could be a child’s name. Alternatively, all three initials could be the first names of children or siblings.

When deciding on what three letters to choose for your Silver Monogram Necklace, you aren’t bound by any conformity besides what you want for your loved one. This is your opportunity to create something unique and special.

Why put a monogram on a necklace?

Professionals and families have used monograms for generations. Anything that could be monogrammed has been monogrammed. However, families and professionals don’t monogram regular items anymore . This downtrend of popularity hasn’t affected the appearance or class of a monogram. On the contrary, if you see a monogram, it has more significance because of its rarity. Typically, the cost to have an item monogrammed is too much. So, most families and professionals stopped participating in the practice.

Jewelry is different. Jewelry has always been exceptional, unique, and expensive. Monogramming jewelry is a common practice that is valued and prized. Putting a birth Stone Personalized monogram Birthstone Necklace on your neck is unique because it places the initials front and center to the world. Everyone sees them. Everyone is a witness to the image of the letters. This characteristic makes it popular because it lets people show off their personalized monogram birthstone necklace

In addition, necklaces are perfect for monograms because they are close to the heart. A necklace is the most intimate piece of jewelry physically close to your heart. This may not be physically important, but emotionally it is a big deal. You want to keep your loved ones close to your heart. The best way you can do that is to wear them on aSilver Monogram Necklace .

So, if you are considering a necklace as a jewelry gift, a Bellanic Personalized Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace will fit all styles and outfits.

Who should you give Monogram Silver jewelry to?

A Bellanic monogram sterling silver necklace will make an excellent gift for anyone in your life. However, they are most suited for the lovely ladies in your life. These women could be wives, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, friends, or even newborns. The point isn’t about who you give the Silver Sterling Monogram Necklace to, but rather, the point is why you give it to them.

Monogramming jewelry inherently makes it unique. It adds more emotional value and weight to the piece. It is no longer just a beautiful jewelry item; it is a personal jewelry item with more intrinsic value. These are worth more than the dollar figure because they have emotional currency value.

When you choose a recipient for your  Silver Sterling Monogram Necklace, you are giving them the gift of acknowledgment. You are saying, “I see you, and I love you.” You are letting them

know that you love them for who they are. You listen, and you feel for them. Finally, most importantly, you are saying with a monogram birthstone necklace, “your feelings are important to me.”

A Silver Sterling Monogram Necklace conveys a higher emotional weight because it makes the gift about the individual receiving the gift rather than the gift giver. If the gift giver wanted to be remembered, they would offer something personal to them that has little to do with the receiver. Unfortunately, this practice is expected. Usually, the individual says, “I liked this and thought you would too.” In translation, this means, “I’ve got great taste, and you need to like this thing I am giving you.”

What occasions are monogram necklace gifts good for?

Monogrammed jewelry items are great for any occasion and event. However, they are perfect for more emotionally heavy holidays or events. For example, could you give a sterling silver personalized necklace to a loved one on Flag Day? Sure, you can do that. However, you might be better off buying them a cookie.

A Silver Sterling Monogram Necklace is best saved for traditional gift-giving holidays and special events. However, here is a quick list of potential events that are perfect for a personalized monogrammed necklace.

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Marriages
  • Anniversaries
  • Bridal Shower
  • Birth of a Child

This is a shortlist of potential days for giving a birth stone Sterling Silver monogram birthstone necklace . However, every day should be a celebration of the people around us. You don’t need a reason to give Monogram Silver jewelry. You should never feel obligated to resist gift-giving until an event asks for it. Instead, you should feel welcome to offer gifts to anyone and everyone whenever the moment seems right.

Personalized monogrammed necklaces offer the right balance between emotions and utility. In addition, necklaces pair nicely with casual and formal events. So, you are offering a quality item that can be enjoyed often and regularly.

What varieties do monogram necklaces come in?

Typically, monogrammed necklaces only come in a few design patterns. This lack of breath in styles is due to the overhead of having every cutting piece on hand. Instead, companies like

Bellanic have the best types made in expert versions. Here are the styles that are most common for personalized sterling silver monogram necklaces.

The shape of the centerpiece

The centerpiece is the focal point of the necklace. It is where the lettering sits, and it is where the hand goes to rub the letters. Bellanic offers different types of centerpieces to accent the lettering. The lettering can be inside a heart or a circle. The circle outline could be thin or thick. The script could be square but without any border. Finally, the lettering can be circular with no outline and in block lettering.

Letter Scripting

The script is the type of font used in the monogramming. Different fonts deliver different impacts. There are two basic styles of scripts for your personalized monogram birthstone necklace. There is a formal script that has lots of curling swirls. Alternatively, there is a blocky script that has hard and straight lines. The traditional writing is more elegant and refined but harder to read. The blocky script is easy to read but less formal.

Color of the necklace

Bellanic offers three colors for each birthstone Sterling Silver monogram birthstone necklace. You can buy the monogram necklace in silver, gold, or rose gold. Each is a great option. Rose gold isn’t as common in traditional pieces but is a modern color that is highly chic and trendy. Rose gold is a perfect color for women that enjoy showing femininity. Gold and silver are more traditional choices. There is no inherent stylistic difference between the two. Instead, the choice between silver and gold is a personal choice that you will need to decide based on your loved one’s preference.


Not everyone likes gemstones. That is fair. Style is personal and unique to the individual. When you are thinking about gifts for a loved one, think about the style that they like. Is it simple, opulent, extravagant, clean, personal, or decadent? If you don’t know what style of jewelry they would like, don’t worry. There are cuts and looks that never go out of style. The same applies to rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Minimalism is clean and very popular and will always look professional and appropriate. The beauty in simplicity is the way it matches any and all outfits. Further, you can wear it to any occasion, holiday, or event.

Why are minimalist designs fashionably flexible? Let’s back up a bit. First, we need to think about fashion. Picking out a wardrobe or outfit is like pairing a wine with a meal. All parts need to complement each other, not overpower them. When you pair a glass of red wine with fish, all you taste is the red wine. That choice wasn’t proper for the meal because the boldness of the red didn’t pair with the lightness of the fish. Instead, you need to pair a glass of white wine with fish. The white wine complements the fish and makes the meal better.

Fashion is the same. Your accents and accessories shouldn’t clash with your outfit. Each should complement the other. With necklaces, the type of necklace worn can easily outclass the rest of the outfit. Particularly bold necklaces can detract from the style of dress. Instead of clashing styles, a necklace needs to impart a sense of class and refinement to the whole ensemble.

Thin gold chains with simple end pieces are the ultimate in both affordability, uniqueness, and flexibility. Simply put, their style can and will pair with all outfits. The gold rose gold, and silver monogram necklaces are perfect for any occasion because their thin profile doesn’t pull the eye from the rest of the outfit. Think of it as the cherry on top. Your eyes still see the cupcake, but the cherry makes it that much richer.

The Bellanic Birth Stone Personalized monogram Birthstone Necklace  is the ultimate in refined class for the minimalistic necklace. It is gorgeously cut with script-style lettering for the old-English or old-New England look. If you need a simple gift for a particular person, a personalized monogram sterling silver necklace from Bellanic is ideally suited for any occasion.

Now is a great time to personalize that perfect monogram necklace for your loved one.