Personalized Sterling Silver Monogram Name Necklace

Personalize Your Own Custom Name Necklace

            Custom necklaces are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in today’s market. Jewelry, especially necklaces, have been statement pieces for hundreds of years. They have been used to portray individuality, status, class, beauty, and power. From simple strings made of dried grass to luxurious chains of precious metals and stones, the materials and styles vary from culture to culture, yet the adorning of the neck is a constant throughout our history.

Outside of the aesthetic side, necklaces and the elements from which they are made, have had many evolving levels of deeper meaning. They have served ceremonial purposes, religious, even attributing magical properties, depending on what and how they are made.

            As humanity and its societies evolved, so did the creation and meaning of necklaces. Ancient Egypt has some of the greatest, earlier examples of more complex designs and their purposes. Egyptians of the upper-class wore collars of various patterns made out of organic and semi-precious components and precious materials, each with its own celebratory, religious, or death-rite purpose. Eventually, jewelry artisans evolved their techniques to create intricate chains and amulet designs, such as insects, animals, and plant shapes.

            In ancient civilizations, people would make them by hand out of natural materials such as shells, feathers, bones to impress whoever they wanted to make their partners. Later on, humans learned how to manipulate and control precious metals and stones to create bigger, brighter, and more intricate designs. In many cultures, this was the turning point, when jewelry also became a symbol of power and status. The more adorned and complex design, with the shiniest and rarest stones a piece had, the better stun-factor and social value it had.

            However, the strongest connotation of jewelry is affection; for yourself and for your loved ones. One can go back far in any culture and find the gifting of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets) from one person to another carries great emotional, spiritual, and even cultural meaning. Necklaces as gifts to yourself to make a statement of identity, a gift from a mother to a daughter to mark her coming of age, a locket with a picture of the one that holds your heart; an otherwise meaningless piece of decoration becomes a symbol of connection and love as to make it priceless. The making or arranging for a custom jewelry piece was and still is, considered one of the most exceptional shows of love, commitment, and connection. By gifting someone a made-just-for-you necklace or custom necklace would mean an irrefutable desire to connect.

Name Necklaces

            Name necklaces with the wearer’s name, are one of the most popular pieces in the custom jewelry business. Jewelry that proclaims your existence to the world yet is just as intimate. Wearing such pieces is both a public and personal statement of your individuality; nothing is quite yours like your name, which carries not only your sense of self but your family’s history and culture. Marcel Rosa-Salas, an anthropologist, and Isabel Flower, an artist with an art history degree, have created a great documentary about the rich cultural history of nameplate jewelry. As many of us can recall, the ’90s and ’00s were a great rebirth of nameplates’ popularity.

            Necklaces with names as pendants have been recorded in many cultures, to suggest that the concept belongs to one culture alone is incorrect. The original name locket design was very simple and the engraving was quite plain. Over time a great variety of styles and patterns have been introduced. However, it was the hip-hop scene that fully embraced name necklaces into what they are in our modern culture. Their importance cannot be overstated, name necklaces elevated the hip hop aesthetic by showcasing each artist’s individuality and brand. Having different backgrounds and importance from many POC cultures, name necklaces became a powerful talisman within these communities, especially with individuals whose names are often butchered by American monolinguals. Even so, name necklaces reached the peak of popularity thanks to one of their first appearances on tv in “the new kids in the neighborhood” and its subsequent influence on sex and the city’s character Carrie Bradshaw, making it a great part of mainstream fashion. The delicate nameplate Carrie hung around the actress’ neck throughout the whole duration of the show, a few times becoming central to its plot. Since then, nameplates have also been known as Carrie’s necklace.

            Today, as with many things, name necklaces have evolved and intertwined more with our culture and mainstream fashion. Custom jewelry can be made according to the customer’s specific wants and needs including style, materials, and stones used. Many also alter their existing pieces more to their tastes. By its very nature, custom jewelry guarantees each piece to be unique, at various levels. Thanks to modern technology, ordering custom jewelry is smooth and easy in the many online markets and sites, such as our own Most provide an extremely detailed service, with many options to choose from, giving the customer complete control over the necklace, to tailor it to their own personal tastes. It’s this ability of choice that makes custom jewelry very popular, the custom work and high quality are more than worth the price. There are many options available from which you can choose a  name locket design and have your necklace customized according to your needs. 

A gift to yourself. A  name necklace with birthstone can be quite a significant gift to your image and self-esteem. It is a form of empowerment, especially if your name is difficult for others to pronounce. It can also be made to spell out any word that is important enough to you, to warrant wearing it anywhere you go. Elegant and practical, it is a piece of jewelry that will make you feel like one-of-a-kind, pairing and looking splendid on any occasion.           

Display of love. The most common way for people to be given a name necklace with birthstone is by a loved one, be it a romantic partner or a family member. The piece can have either the person’s name, nickname, or anything in between. The motive always being to shine importance and reverence to the shared connection. There are endless intricate designs, stones, colors, and fonts that can be added to enhance its meaning and importance to the person it’s honoring.

Tribute to loved ones. Name necklaces are a wonderful way to keep people you may have loved and lost, with you close to your heart. The jewelry should be made of high-quality materials that will last you a lifetime, so that not only can you feel comforted with their names with you, but you can pass the love down through the generations.

Birthstones Necklaces

            Each month has a specific stone associated with it, meant to have special meaning and bring unique, positive attributes to the wearer. It’s been a long-standing superstition that wearing one’s birthstone is a symbol and tool for wellness and good fortune, as well as giving them protection from illness or bad karma.

  • January- Garnet. Although it comes in a variety of colors, Garnet is widely known as a dark crimson-hue stone. It signifies protection, especially during travel, friendship, love, and commitment. In medical society, Garnet was believed to protect against poisons, bad dreams, wounds, and depression.
  • February- Amethyst. It comes in many rich purple shades that symbolize royalty, wealth, power, and dominance. It’s said to give courage to the wearer and strengthen their relationships, symbolizing sincerity, happiness, humility, and love.
  • March- Aquamarine. Its light to deep blue range of color evokes images of the sea. Because of its coloring, it was believed that the stones protected sailors, help those with light-fuse tempers gain their calm, and was used during meditation to help find inner peace. It signifies fidelity, health, hope, and youth.
  • April- Diamond. The hardest mineral in nature, it rightfully signifies eternal love. Even though they come in many colors, crystal clear diamonds are the most powerful in meaning and beauty. They are believed to help conserve relationships and give the wearer strength of will, balance, abundance, and clarity.
  • May- Emerald. Its vibrant green is a reminder of spring, therefore is tightly wound with rebirth, new love, and sincerity. It is also believed to signify and heighten intuition, the third sight, and revelations of truth and future events.
  • June- Pearl. Pearls come in many shades, however, lighter pearls have always been the most popular. Many cultures in the east believed them to be teardrops from the heavens, others believed that they could cure hemorrhages, indigestion, bad eyesight all while bestowing prosperity and long life. They have always been heavily associated with purity, innocence, generosity, loyalty, and integrity.
  • July- Ruby. Its vivid, bright red color has made this tone one of the most significant stones throughout history. Believed to represent passion, wisdom, courage, life, and blood. Many warriors had faith that wearing them during battle would make them invincible because they contained the essence of mother earth’s lifeblood.
  • August- Peridot. Its vibrant lime green color symbolizes strength, influence, and power that were bestowed on the wearer. It was also believed that it could protect and ward off people with evil intents and malicious spirits. In more recent times, it has gained a reputation for being the stone of compassion, balancing the mind and emotions to keep the inner peace, restful sleep, and steady health of the wearer.
  • September- Sapphire. Mostly associated with a rich royal blue, it has represented purity, loyalty, honesty, and trust. During ancient times, sapphires were thought to possess mystic powers that allowed visions of enlightenment. In the middle ages, it was believed to help with one’s eyesight and chastity.
  • October- Opal. Considered an enigma of light, purity, and mystical energy, the opal signifies purity, amplification, and hope. Its shimmering lights are believed to absorb bad thoughts and energies, purify them and send them back to the wearer with double the positive strength. It brings clarity, high vibrations, and attracts
  • November- Topaz. Always associated with fire energy and the sun, topaz is the stone of purpose, fiery passion, love, and nobility. It has been closely regarded with reinforcing the wearers' fortune, confidence, trust, self-esteem, and belief in oneself. With its sun-like energy, it's believed to uncover illusions, shadows, and lies.
  • December- Zircon. A watery blue that is believed to clear the mind, restore purity and relieve stress. Its spiritual properties take care to heal your stagnant energy and self-confidence. It’s also supposed to invoke forgotten dreams and clarify your mangled feelings. Everything negative in life is believed to be cleared and revoked from the wearer life.

            Personalized, custom jewelry is about art and depth of feeling. It's a great way of expressing, through gift-giving, that goes well beyond a simple engraving. Unique pieces of art always tell a story, and jewelry has been no different. There is something special about giving a custom piece of jewelry to another person. You are giving them parts of themselves, as well as a part of you. Purchasing mass-produced jewelry is still thoughtful, but let’s be honest, it's a boring concept compared to putting a personal touch into something that the person can treasure for the rest of their lives. At Bellanic we have beautiful styles and designs for custom name necklaces for your meaningful present. You can purchase a simple personalized nameplate, a heart-shaped pendant with space for 2 names, infinity signs able to hold up to four names, and many more. All with the wonderful possibility of including birth month stones into each pendant. Bring on your chest not only your essence and embraced individuality but your loved ones, still here or long gone, imbued with their loving energy, by carrying their names and stones with you through life on a name necklace with birthstone.

Go ahead and choose from our collection and you will surely find a name locket design that will help you showcase your individuality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, our master jewelers are committed to handcrafting only the best personalized name necklaces for you.