One Stone Birthstone Necklace


One Stone Birthstone Necklaces

With so many options to choose from, one stone birthstone necklaces are the perfect way to add something extra special to your jewelry collection. We have  a great variety of gorgeous  designs that can be customized with one name or even inspirational words you will love! With 12 high quality birthstones to choose from, you can choose one birthstone to represent your loved one . Our birthstone necklaces  won't disappoint anyone on your gift list who loves personalized items . 

Our One Stone Birthstone Necklaces Would Be Perfect As:

Gift For Mom :Our one stone birthstone necklace will make a great gift for mom. Of course mom deserves the best and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor her. Mom has always been there for you since the day you were born and you have shared sweet memories with her through the years. This one stone birthstone necklace is one gift she will cherish for more years to come. You can customize mom’s necklace with the birthstone that represents the month she was born in and then engrave her name on the necklace too. 

Gift For  Sister: As sisters you know you always have that special bond that is unbreakable. Growing up together you also have shared sweet memories since you were kids. Our one stone birthstone necklace will be a perfect way to show your sister or sister how much they mean to you.  Personalize this birthstone necklace for all of your sisters or sister if you have only one. Your sister will love having this  birthstone necklace around her neck , and each time she wears this one stone birthstone necklace she will be reminded of those good times you shared as kids and the good times you still share.

Gift For Grandma: We know grandma is one of the special women in our lives. The unconditional love she’s shown us is truly unmatched. A one stone birthstone necklace will look stunning on her neck. Each time she puts this necklace around her neck she will be reminded of you, her precious grandchild. Why not surprise mom or grandma on her 55th anniversary with a one stone birthstone necklace featuring an Alexandrite gemstone

Gift For Girlfriend: Looking  for gift for girlfriend ideas? Give your girlfriend something personal.  Our one stone birthstone necklace will show your girlfriend that you put a lot of thought into getting her this special gift. Sometimes it can be  a daunting task trying to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend.  You have given her so many gifts and you may end up repeating the same gifts over and over. This one stone birthstone necklace will be your savior from those same old boring gifts.  Personalize this necklace with one birthstone and engrave it with her name. This is the perfect gift for girlfriend who has everything.

Our Birthstone necklace will also make a nice gift for girlfriend valentine day. This coming Valentine's day you don't have to worry about what to get for your girlfriend. Neither do you have to worry about gift for girlfriend Christmas. We have you covered this Christmas with our one stone birthstone necklace. Make this necklace one of your surprise gifts for girlfriend.

Gift for High School Graduate: So , they have made it through all the craziness that comes with high school They are now ready for the next chapter of their life.  Looking for high school graduation gift ideas for her or high school graduation gift ideas for him? We have the perfect gift for high school seniors 2022.

Gift your high school graduate with one of our one stone birthstone necklaces. Show them how proud you are of their achievement. You can personalize our one stone birthstone necklace with their birthstone and name or the date of graduation instead of their name.  What a wonderful gift it will be for your graduate.

A lot of parents always turn to our one stone birthstone necklace for their high school graduation gifts from parents.  One thing that is wonderful about our birthstone necklaces is that they are great inexpensive high school graduation gift ideas

Gift For Yourself : Don’t forget to make this birthstone necklace a gift for yourself too. You are special too, it's common sometimes to take care of everyone else and then completely forget about yourself. Why not personalize this one stone birthstone necklace with the birthstone dedicated to your month and then engrave it with your name?

 Gift for the special woman in your life. We recognize there are other special women in life that we haven’t talked  about yet. Don’t worry , we did not forget about them because we understand how special they are to you too.  This one stone  birthstone necklace will also make a great gift for aunt, another great gift for niece and also a great gift for stepmother. Customize one of our birthstone necklaces with her name and birthstone that represents her birth month.

So,  we have been talking about how these one stone birthstone necklaces will make great gifts for our loved ones and ourselves but we haven’t really talked about the history of the birthstone necklace . We are going to take you back in time a little and discover how the birthstone necklace and the birthstones came into being.

What Is The History Of The Birthstones?

Gemstone Meanings

Gemstones have always fascinated men with their entrancing hues and shiny facets. Throughout history  gemstones have been assigned multiple types of meanings, poets, and magic. Their symbology and attributes are closely connected to the mythologies from the Bible, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China among many others.

The following is a list of some of the most popular gemstones today, specially what their significance is for modern gemstone rings.

Agate: Used to represent courage, safety, security and strength. They are also believed to calm and center your mind, enhancing your concentration. It has a beautiful composition of marbled multicolor rings, as if from the core of a tree.

Alexandrite: Considered the June birthstone, it has unique color changing tones. This is a relatively new stone, as it was discovered in the 1830’s. However, because of its deep blue-green hue that changes with the light angles to deep purples and reds, many consider it a good omen and to represent the balance of the spiritual and the physical.

Amethyst: Considered the February birthstone, it’s linked to Dionysus due to its vibrant purple tone. It is believed to cure insomnia , relieve pain, enhance intelligence and provide protection against evil thoughts. Buddhist often use it on prayer beads since they believe it enhances meditation.


Aquamarine: Due to its light blue color it is closely associated with water, audits believed to keep sailors safe in their troubles, as well as purify any water and act as an antidote against poisons.

Citrine: Often referred to as the ‘healing quartz.’ It allegedly provides the wearer great vitality and abundant energy. In asian cultures, it was said to bring wealth and abundance of any kind. It is believed to bring good luck, health, happiness and success. 

Diamond: Once they were believed to be the tears of gods, or fallen stars. Many believed that it’d bring them courage and protection in battle. They were also believed to heal ailments and represent eternal love.

Emerald: Known as the foresight and intuition stone, it was believed to give one the ability to force the future and provide protection from evil spirits. They symbolize truth, love and hope. The goddess Venus was often represented with emeralds.

Garnet: One of the most ancient gemstones in history commonly used by royalty and clergy. It’s known to represent passion, sensuality and deep love. It has been connected to the persephone legend as the seeds from the underworld pomegranate that she ate. 

Lapis Lazuli: Celestial blue stone symbolizes self-awareness, harmony, honesty and peace. It was also believed to protect the wearer from metal and psychic attacks, as well as cure one from depression, inflammation, vertigo and insomnia.

Opal: One of the most iridescent gemstones in existence, it has been thought to have supernatural powers, give prophetic abilities and protect against diseases. It symbolizes love, hope, purity and truth.

Pearl: Due to its delicate beauty, pearl has always been associated with purity, chastity and innocence. Long ago, it was believed that it could protect against fire.

Peridot: Closely connected to ancient Egypt, it was believed to bring good luck, health and confidence while protecting the wearer from nightmares. Many historians think that Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually brilliant peridots. 

Ruby: Believed to guarantee safety, wealth, wisdom, love and success. In ancient Hindi mythology, it was believed that men who would offer the god Krishna rubies, would be made emperor in his next lifetime.

Sapphire: Regarded as the fidelity gemstone, it was an incredible pillar gem for endgame rings before the 20th century. It’s believed to attract spiritual clarity, blessings, abundance and health.