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Personalized Silver Sterling Necklace

20 Amazing Birthstone Necklaces For Mom That She Will Love.

In the world today, birthstones are a popular choice for jewelry. Many people choose to wear them as a means of identifying their birth month, or that of a loved one in a more personalized manner than just by their name alone. In this post, we will discover not only the most popular birthstones for each month but also some wonderful options of birthstone jewelry for the mother in your life.

What are some of the most popular birthstones?

The most popular birthstones are rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. In the case of these birthstone necklaces, the choice of which stone to use is usually determined by the birth of the mother's children. Here you will find a list of the birth stones offered in this collection of personalized birthstone necklaces and the months that they are associated with.

Agate: Used to represent courage, safety, security, and strength. They are also believed to calm and center your mind, enhancing your concentration. It has a beautiful composition of marbled multicolor rings, as if from the core of a tree.

 January - Garnet: One of the most ancient gemstones in history commonly used by royalty and clergy. It’s known to represent passion, sensuality, and deep love. It has been connected to the Persephone legend as the seeds from the underworld pomegranate that she ate.

 February - Amethyst: Considered the February birthstone, it’s linked to Dionysus due to its vibrant purple tone. It is believed to cure insomnia, relieve pain, enhance intelligence and provide protection against evil thoughts. Buddhists often use it on prayer beads since they believe it enhances meditation.

March - Aquamarine: Due to its light blue color it is closely associated with water, its are believed to keep sailors safe in their troubles, as well as purify any water and act as an antidote against poisons.

April - Clear Crystal - These stones have a brilliance that shines from within. Diamond is also an April birthstone  Once they were believed to be the tears of gods or fallen stars. Many believed that it’d bring them courage and protection in battle. They were also believed to heal ailments and represent eternal love.

 May -  Emerald: Known as the foresight and intuition stone, it was believed to give one the ability to force the future and provide protection from evil spirits. They symbolize truth, love, and hope. The goddess Venus was often represented with emeralds.

  June - Alexandrite: Considered the June birthstone, it has unique color-changing tones. This is a relatively new stone, as it was discovered in the 1830s. However, because of its deep blue-green hue that changes with the light angles to deep purples and reds, many consider it a good omen and to represent the balance of the spiritual and the physical.

July -  Ruby: Believed to guarantee safety, wealth, wisdom, love, and success. In ancient Hindi mythology, it was believed that a man who would offer the god Krishna rubies, would be made emperor in his next lifetime.

 August - Peridot: Closely connected to ancient Egypt, it was believed to bring good luck, health, and confidence while protecting the wearer from nightmares. Many historians think that Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually brilliant peridots.

 September - Sapphire: Regarded as the fidelity gemstone, it was an incredible pillar gem for endgame rings before the 20th century. It’s believed to attract spiritual clarity, blessings, abundance, and health. The celestial blue stone symbolizes self-awareness, harmony, honesty, and peace. It was also believed to protect the wearer from metal and psychic attacks, as well as cure one from depression, inflammation, vertigo, and insomnia.

October - Tourmaline - Most commonly known for its pink, red, or green varieties this birthstone contains a chrome-like sheen rarely seen in other stones.

 November - Topaz - This stone can most commonly be seen in a shade of blue from light sky blues to deep rich ocean blues. Another birthstone for November is Citrine,

often referred to as the ‘healing quartz.’ It allegedly providers the wearer with great vitality and abundant energy. In Asian cultures, it was said to bring wealth and abundance of any kind. Its believed to bring good luck, health, happiness, and success.

December - Blue Zircon- Deep rich blues with a flash of green are the defining traits of this blue birthstone.

The Personalized Birthstone Necklace Mom Will Love!

A personalized birthstone necklace is the perfect gift for the mom in your life. She can wear it every day and remember the birth of her child or children. Whether you are commemorating a first child or a fifth child this list has all the ideas you need to find the perfect gift for her. We have curated this list of twenty birthstone necklaces that will fit any family size. You can even personalize them with the names of the children they represent.

Single-Stone Designs

Single Stone Design

  1. Our first selection is this beautiful single-stonebirthstone necklace. Perfect for celebrating a new mother with her first child. This mother's necklace can also represent twins with the option of adding a second name.
    single-stone mother’s necklace
  1. If the mother in your life was blessed with twins, this single-stonemother’s necklace may be the perfect fit. Bearing the image of two newborn children’s feet with one name that may be placed on each foot. It can also be personalized with just one name. Creating a unique mother's necklace that will be every bit as individual as the mother it is given to.

Two-Stone Designs

Infinity birthstone necklaces

  1. Infinitybirthstone necklaces have been growing in popularity and it is understandable how they symbolize the eternal love of a mother. This beautiful mother's necklace will fit into any wardrobe from casual to formal. This will be a gift that any mother could wear every day and be reminded of their beloved children.
    two-stone birthstone necklace
  1. Next on our list we have another two-stonebirthstone necklace. This can be personalized to have the mother and child’s names. The larger heart can represent the mother’s love with how it encompasses the smaller heart. Making this an excellent choice to celebrate the birth of a first child or a second child.
    ribbon birthstone necklace
  1. For women who lean towards a more elegant style, there are the flowing lines of this ribbonbirthstone necklace. With two heart-shaped birthstones and up spaces for two names this necklace will be a treasured piece for years to come.
    family birthstone necklace
  1. This next family birthstone necklace is unique in that it incorporates the Claddagh, a symbol of hands holding a heart topped with a crown. The symbols in the Claddagh represent Friendship, Love, and Loyalty. In the center, a trinity knot represents the bond between the mother and the two children represented in this personalized birthstone necklace.

Three-Stone Designs

Three-Stone Designs

  1. Many different heart designs remain quite traditional, but for a unique design that incorporates three children, look no further than this birthstone necklace. A grouping of three hearts is intertwined into a clover shape. A wonderful symbol of how children can make any mother feel like the luckiest Mom in the world.
    another intertwined heart design.
  1. Next we have another intertwined heart design. This mother’s necklace may be used to incorporate the mother’s name in the center and two children’s names in the outer hearts. For any mother who has two or three children, this necklace is sure to be a beloved addition to her collection.
    Rounding off our three-stone

  2. Rounding off our three-stone sampling, this personalizedbirthstone necklace features not only the birthstones and names of three children but also symbolizes the feeling that they will always be her babies no matter how big they get.

Four Stone Designs

  1. Our next selection features a variation of the infinity design. This circlefamilybirthstone necklace symbolizes the wholeness and completeness that a family brings. Another option with this versatile design is to incorporate the mother’s name, father’s name, and two children’s names to illustrate the wholeness of the family together.
    Casual family birthstone necklace
  1. Another emerging style in necklace designs is the addition of a charm at the center of the pendant. This charm moves freely and invokes energy into the design. With space for up to four children, this familybirthstone necklace will be a great addition to any collection due to its functionality in both casual and formal fashion.

Five-Stone Designs

Five-Stone Designs

  1. For five stone arrangements, this heart pendant features five birthstones in sequence along the side of the heart pendant. Accompanied by the word Mommy cut into the opposite edge of the heart.

Six-Stone Designs

With these designs you have the options of including up to six children or you could have the names of mom and dad plus four children. With either option this is sure to be a personalized birthstone necklace that mom will enjoy for years to come.
Six-Stone Designs

  1. Floral inspired jewelry has been growing in popularity. Just take a look at this floral six-stone design and you will see why. The lines convey a motion and energy that kids bring to a mothers life. This personalized birthstone necklace captures the beauty that children bring as the blossom and grow.
    three-tiered heart design.
  1. Next we have a very elegant three-tiered heart design. The center heart holds the birthstones with room for two names on the middle heart and four names on the outer heart. This design really lends itself to bearing the names of the parents and four children making it an excellent choice for a grandmother. She could have both her children and her grandchildren all on one timeless design.
    family birthstone necklace for mom
  1. With the flow of ribbon shapes looping through a ring. This next family birthstone necklacefor mom carries a formal look that also goes well with casual fashion. A piece that will accentuate any occasion the mom in your life wears it too. With space for six birthstones and six names mom will cherish this gift that reminds her of all the children whom she loves.
    captured gemstone pendant

  2. Then we have the newest trend among personalized birthstone necklaces. The captured gemstone pendant here has a delicate scrolling pattern that forms a three dimensional heart. Inside it carries up to six birthstones and can be personalized with the family name or a short phrase up to twenty characters.
    capture birthstone heart
  1. For moms who like a more sophisticated look, there is this alternative that is made in beautiful warm rose gold tint. With a similar scrollwork pattern this simple three-dimensional capture birthstone heart with up to six gemstones will be a focal point of any fashion the mother wearing it chooses.
    mother's necklace takes the flowing lines
  1. This mother's necklace takes the flowing lines and applies a polished and refined look to them. The matte finish allows the brilliance of the birthstones to rise as the central focal point. The lines used for personalization also create a dimensionality to the piece. 

Honorable Mentions 

infinity shape pendant

  1. This first design takes the traditional infinity design but carves the names into the folds of the infinity shape pendant. This design has room for two names and two birhtstones. This could be an excellent choice to commemorate a mother and her child. As the picture shows it could even bear the salutation of “Love, (child’s name)” making this a piece that can fit many different scenarios.
    beautiful feather pendant
  1. This final design takes a beautiful feather pendant and incorporates the birthstones into the quill at the center of the feather. The names are then added to the vane shapes on either side. It has room for up to eight names and eight birthstones. This design lends itself to being an excellent way to commemorate grandchildren for the grandmother in your life.

Final thoughts on birthstone necklaces for mom.

Let’s go above and beyond for the mom in your life. While flowers fade and chocolates melt, these birthstone necklaces will last for years to come. The good news is that you can get these and many other personalized familybirthstone necklaces for mom at reasonable prices. There are many styles to choose from that will fit into any woman's wardrobe. Whether she wears it every day or just on special occasions this will be a very cherished piece of any mother’s jewelry collection.