Personalized Custom Birthstone Rings for Moms

Custom Birthstone Rings for Moms

Personalizedbirthstonerings for mom.

There are so many choices when it comes to picking gifts for mom. Among these gifts,personalized rings are among the most popular. These gifts provide the personal touch that can really show mom not only how much you love her but also remind her of how distinctive and exceptional she is.Birthstone rings aren’t just visual reminders of your love for the mom in your life. They act as an embodiment of memories for the children and loved ones that are so dear to her. While you are shopping for the perfect gift from mom, take a look at this list of 26Personalizedbirthstonerings for mom. 

There are many ways to personalize theseengraved rings. For example, if a mother has only one or two children, you could select from the 3 stones or 4 stones designs. Then you can incorporate the entire family. Creating a one of a kindmother’s ring that reminds her of her entire family. Symbolizing the unity you all share. Another popular variation is for grandmothers. If a grandmother has seven grandchildren, a seven-stone ring can incorporate the birthstones of all her grandchildren and engravings of their names. Making the ring one that will fill her heart with joy every time she glances at it or shows it off. We strongly encourage you to get creative with thesecustom rings and create a truly uniquebirthstone ring for mom.

Mothers Rings: 1 Stone Designs

For the first selection, we will showcase some single-stone designs. 

  1. HeartBirthstone Ring
           This ring has once center birthstone, cut in a heart shape. This heart is then accented with a border of clear crystals. These clear crystals also carry over from the border of the heart stone to the top portion of the band. There are three places for personalized engraving on this ring. Either side of the band can fit up to nine characters. Inside the band, you can have up to twenty characters engraved. Making this a great ring to commemorate the first and middle names of a new child and the child’s birthdate or a short phrase inside the band.
  2. Quaint Birthstone Ring. With a stylized band, this ring uses a more subtle method to accent the birthstone. Two bands use a series of curves to frame the birthstones which then join together into one band at the bottom of the band. This area where the bands meet may be engraved with up to twenty characters. With its subtle accentuations and internal engraving, this is an excellent choice for a mother who likes more subtle jewelry. 

This next group of rings contains some unique custom rings with a more artistic touch. Perfect for mothers who like more eclectic styles or have special interests. 

  1. Up first in this category we have thisMom Infinity Ring. Thisbirthstone ring features a single stone and the word Mom carved into the left loop of the infinity symbol. As with the otherpersonalized rings, there is room for twenty characters inside the band on the bottom. This ring could even be used to celebrate a mother by featuring her birthstone and a significant date or phrase engraved inside the band.

  1. Next, we have a piece that will make any mother feel like royalty.This CrownMothers Ring features a unique crown-inspired band with engraving options on the top and bottom of the band. Thiscustom ring can feature up to two names on the front and has room for twenty characters inside the bottom of the band. If you really want to make mom feel like a queen this gifting season look no further than this personalizedname ring

  1. With organic inspired lines theFloralEngraved Ring really captures natural beauty. The center birthstone is held by two leaves. Then a clear crystal accents the stem on each side. Up to twenty characters can be engraved into the inside lower portion of the band. If the mother you are shopping for loves nature then thiscustom ring will be the perfect addition to her jewelry collection.
  2. Our final selection in this category is theCladdaghMothers Ring. In Irish culture, the Claddagh is a symbol of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. Whether the mother in your life is of Irish descent or if she likes the symbolism of the Claddagh, this ring will undoubtedly be a beloved addition to her collection. This ring can also be personalized by up to twenty characters inside the lower portion of the band.

Mothers Rings: 2 Stone Designs.

Now we will take a look at some two-stonepersonalizedbirthstone rings. These are available in a variety of designs. One of these is bound to be just the style the mom you are shopping for will love. 

  1. First, we have two variations of the infinity-inspired rings. ThisTwo-Stone Infinity Band incorporates two stones on each side with a row of accenting crystals joining each birthstone. Similarly, this Two-Stone Infinity Heart Band has two hearts on opposing sides creating the illusion of a second infinity loop with the heart shapes. Both of thesecustom rings can be engraved to give them that personalized touch. The bottom inside portion of the rings has room for up to twenty characters that will help convey the love shared between the family and the lucky mother to receive one of these beautiful infinity bands. 

  1. Rose gold jewelry has been trending for quite some time. This beautifulHeart-ShapedBirthstoneRing features a rose gold tone paired with many classic touches. The band accents the birthstones by using a split in the band. On one side the split carries up and the other split carries the curve down. This creates flowing lines in a marquis shape around the center stones. Each split begins with a mill grain pattern that expands to a row of clear crystals that create an even brighter focal point in the center.

  1. With a ribbon split that bears the names, thisSplit Ribbon Mothers Ring features two ribbon shapes that split off from the band to frame the center stones with the names of two children. This two-stone band has two heart-shaped stones accented by a triplet cluster of crystals. For mothers who like a traditional look, this ring will be a cherished addition to her jewelry collection.

  1.  Moving on we have two Spiral Bandrings for mom. First, we have theSpiral Round Stone Ring. This ring features the spiral band with a birthstone at each end of the coil. As with many of our other personalized rings, there is room for two names up to nine letters long on the top with up to twenty characters at the bottom inside area of the band. A similar ring is thisSpiral Rectangular Stone Ring. This band is carved to bring the appearance of three coils that are capped with rectangular cut birthstones. This style lends itself very well to both casual and formal settings. Making this an everyday wearring for mom that she will cherish for years to come.

But what about two stone rings for the mothers with a unique style all their own. These next personalized birthstone rings we will look at achieve just that. Communicating not only a sense of love but also a sense of individuality that will distinguish thismothers ring from other birthstone rings.

  1.  If you looked at the single stone crown ring and wished it had a two-stone option, look no further. ThisTwo-Stone Crown Ring features a band with two stones and room for two names on the top. Filigree patterns frame the two center stones and give this ring a distinctive crown appearance. For an added touch up to twenty characters can be engraved into the bottom inside face of the band.

  1.  This next design features a bold look of a wide band. TheDual Heart Band ring features a carved band that appears as two bands side by side that merge into one on the sides. By styling the band in this way the top of the band has room for up to four names, two on each side of the two center stones. Speaking of the center stones, this ring is topped with two heart-shaped birthstones that are set into the band within a solid border of silver. Accenting the stones with a muted sheen that is stunning without being too flashy.

Mothers Rings: 3 Stone Designs

Let us take a look at some of our three stonebirthstonerings for mom. We will begin with some traditional styles and then move on to some more stylized options.

  1.  First up in this category ofpersonalizedrings for mom, is theTriplet Heart Ring. Centered on this band are three heart-shaped birthstones. To the left of the center stones, there is one name and two more names on the right. With this ring, you can list three children’s names; or create a true family ring by placing the child’s name on the left, and the parent’s names on the right. Either way you personalize this ring mom is sure to enjoy adding this piece to her jewelry collection.

  1.  Marquis cut birthstones with a beautiful cushion cut are what adorns thisThree Marquis Ring. With similar options of personalization for three names on top and up to twenty characters in the lower inside area of the band. This piece will add a touch of flair to any mother’s attire. Whether a formal night out or a casual family outing, this stunning piece will be a revered choice for any mother.

  1.  Next on our list is thisThree-Stone Clasp Ring. The three band segments of this ring create a clasp-like shape. A stunning visual depiction of the way children can clasp their mother’s heart. Each of the three bands is rounded off with a round-cut birthstone. No matter how you choose to personalize this piece, it is sure to become an unforgettable symbol of love for the mother you are shopping for.

  1.  For the mothers who like wider bands, we have thisStacked Band Clasp Ring. Bearing the appearance of three bands stacked atop one another at first glance, this band features a single band across the bottom. Giving this ring a beautiful wide band look but without causing discomfort as the finger bends. This shape also allows for the names to be placed in a list form. Meaning you can list the children’s names by birth order. Or you could place your name above your sibling’s names because you will be mom’s favorite child when you give her thispersonalized mother’s ring.

  1.  Taking design cues from the timeless eternity band style. TheMichelle Three Stone Band features three round birthstones set into a quaint band. For the mother that likes jewelry that is beautiful without being too showy, this will be an adored gift to recognize her children or family.

Mothers Rings: 4 Stone Designs

Here we get into the four-stone selection. These designs are very versatile and incorporate many organic shapes and designs. While they do contain four birthstones, they can be used to commemorate anywhere from one to four children. Even two children and two parents can be named to create a personalized ring that encompasses the entire family.

  1.  With four round birthstones in a cascading pattern, theFour-Stone Cascade Ring creates a feeling of motion and connectedness amongst the four bands that can be personalized with up to four names. Similarly, thisFour-Stone Clasp Ring bears the same options of personalization with the birthstones rounding off the end of each band.

  1.  Four-leafed clovers have been long believed to be good luck. Most parents will describe feelings of luck in being blessed with the children they have. What better way to combine both of these ideas than with aFour-Stone Clover Ring. Featuring four heart-shaped birthstones and room for up to four names. Mom will feel like the luckiest mom in the world every time she wears this beautiful symbol of her children.

  1.  By replacing the heart-shaped stones with pear-shaped stones the clover becomes thisFour-Stone Flower Ring. This ring also has the addition of a row of crystals as the center band on either side of the center stones. Creating an elegant ring that has the playful flower at its center. Certainly, this will be a cherishedcustom ring in any mom’s collection.

  1.  Speaking of playful designs, we have thisFour-Stone Butterfly Ring. Not only is this a fun piece that commemorates the children in a mother’s life, but it also symbolizes the mother’s transformation into the beautiful and cherished mother she is today. Only a fewpersonalized rings will be as meaningful as this one as the mom in your life wears this gorgeous reminder of her importance and beauty.

Mothers Rings: 5 & 6 Stone Designs

  1.  A new trend in jewelry is the captured stone design. ThisCaptured Tree Ring featured a captivating filigree tree pattern that encloses five birthstones. Family trees have been a popular means of documenting one’s lineage. Using that symbol to encapsulate the birthstones of her children is a stunning reminder of the connection a mother shares with her children. The lower inside band can also be personalized with up to twenty characters. 
  1.  With six heart-shaped stones arranged in a circle, theSix-Stone Flower Ring is a charming piece. Whether it is personalized with four children and two parents, six children, or six grandchildren, this ring is sure to be an endearing aspect of any mother’s wardrobe. Bringing her joy whenever she glances down at herpersonalizedbirthstone ring or shows it to admirers that inquire about it.

  1. Moving on to our next engraved ring, we have this delightfulFilled Heart Ring. Capturing how each child has a place in her heart the powerful symbolism of this six-stone ring will be a vigilant reminder of the family any mother holds dear. With many options of personalization, this design holds three names on each side of the heart and additional text inside the lower portion of the band.

  1.  Rounding off this segment of our list is thisCascading Stacked Ring. With the stylized cutting of the band this ring appears as 4 bands stacked together. The top band holds the six birthstones in a cascade that appears to loop around the three lower bands. Each side of the six-stone cascade has room for three names with more room inside the bottom of the band.

Mothers Rings: 7 Stone Design

  1.  Finally, we arrive at a riveting example of aSeven-Stone Floral Ring. Drawing its design inspiration from a vine and leaves. Each of up to seven names is engraved onto the leaves with a birthstone and crystal accent at the edge of each leaf. Additionally, you can personalize the bottom of the band as well.

In Conclusion

These designs and many morepersonalizedbirthstonerings for mom are availablehere along with matchingnecklaces to complete mom’s perfect jewelry ensemble. Don’t pass up on these amazing deals. Get the mother on your list a gift as individual and meaningful as she is. For years to come, these timeless sterling silver birthstone jewelry pieces are sure to bring a smile to the face of any mother as she wears it and remembers the family whom she loves, that gave her this gift of their love for her.