Personalized 2 Stone Birthstone Ring

The New Year’s Gifts

A guide to shopping for her in 2022.

The new year is finally here and with it more gift-giving opportunities. Jewelry is a popular gift, and the most popular type of jewelry for women is personalized birthstone jewelry. Women nowadays want to know that their gifts were made just for them. Women want to know they are valued and seen as individuals. With a one-of-a-kind engraved birthstone ring, any woman is sure to feel like she is loved and valued.

Before we wade into our list of custom mother’s rings, let’s first look at what holidays are coming up. The first gifting holiday we have is Valentine’s Day. While many cynics will call this a commercial holiday, it presents a wonderful opportunity to surprise the woman in your life with an engraved birthstone ring. This year, seize this opportunity to remind the woman in your life how special she truly is. After that, we have Easter on April 17th. This year while kids are running around looking for eggs, you can give the mother in your life an easter surprise all her own. By creating an engraved birthstone ring that reminds her just how many people love her. Mother’s Day is the next big gifting day on May eighth this year. With an entire day to honor and pamper the mother in your life, why not give her a gift that will remind her for years to come of the reasons she is celebrated this day.

How to Find the Right Engraved Birthstone Ring

The fourteenth of February brings our annual celebration of love. Whether you just celebrated your one-year anniversary or you are almost to your fiftieth anniversary, a birthstone ring with names engraved in it will be sure to win the day. For those couples without any children, a popular choice is to incorporate both partners’ names and birthstones into the ring. With that in mind, here are two designs that are perfect to commemorate your relationship.

intertwined hearts

This first ring features a pair of intertwined hearts. Each heart frames a birthstone and on either side of the heart, the names are engraved. You may have noticed that there is a spot to engrave the inside of the band. If you have a pet name for your sweetheart, a word, or a date that is significant to you both, that can be engraved there. Giving this gift an added layer of sentiment. If reminding your significant other of a special day or nickname and the love that you share is your goal then this personalized birthstone ring will be an excellent choice. 


Crown Ring

Maybe your significant other is a little more royal. For any princess or queen, this crown ring has a design as unique as she is. This ring features a scrollwork pattern on one side of the band. The scrollwork is topped with two clear crystals on either side of a birthstone that is set atop the peak. Then along the band that forms the base of the crown, you have two places to engrave her first and middle name or her name and your name. Just like the previous design, the inside of this band can be engraved with a nickname, date, or word that is significant to you both.

Now, for the couples who have children, a whole family engraved birthstone ring may be just what you need. A new and growing trend is to include the whole family, not just the children. To help illustrate this trend we have selected three designs that can accommodate most families. 


Personalized Birthstone RingThe first design uses six heart-shaped birthstones to create a flower at the center of the band. On either side of this flower, you can place up to three names. Whether this personalized birthstone ring features the name of six children or mother, father, and four children the mother who receives it will cherish it for years to come. Reminding her of her family every time she wears it.



family tree ringAs far as personalized birthstone jewelry goes, this family tree ring is one of the latest trends. A symmetrical filigree pattern is used as the face of this ring. Through this face, you can see the birthstones. With room for up to five birthstones, Mother, Father, and up to three children’s birthstones can incorporate the entire family. Not to mention that this unique design is bound to garner attention. Whenever she is asked about it, she will reminisce about the great love between her and her family.



Three Heart DesignFor families with only one child, this three heart design will perfectly display mother and father to the right of the birthstones. Then bear the child’s name to the left of the birthstones. The inside of the band can even be engraved with the family name making it a truly one-of-a-kind ring for a one-of-a-kind mother.



four-name ring

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. One idea you may like is using a phrase instead of names. Perhaps you and your significant other playfully dispute who loves who more. Having a ring engraved with the phrase “I love you more, I win” will definitely put you in the lead. You could even use a ring styled like this four-name ring, to name something you both overcame as a couple, creating a symbol of your victory over a specific challenge.



Making Memories

As we move past Valentine’s Day we approach Easter. In your home, this holiday may not seem like a gift-giving holiday. That is what makes it the perfect time for a gift. Oftentimes an unexpected gift will have a greater impact than a gift during Christmas, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day when romantic gifts are commonplace. Take the gift-giving one step further and place the birthstone ring inside an egg, and place it somewhere your significant other is sure to find it. Like their favorite coffee mug, in their favorite chair, or on top of their phone, tablet, or laptop. Another idea is to contact your local chocolatier and see if they can make you a hollow egg to place the personalised birthstone ring inside. The lucky lady you are shopping for, surely will not see that coming.

Because eggs have become such an iconic piece of springtime and Easter decorum, we have selected engraved birthstone rings with marquise shaped stones. The marquis shape can be likened to the shape of an egg. With an assortment of colorful birthstones they can really capture the bright and joyful spirit of this gift-giving season.

This style has several options available such as the two-stone marquis, three-stone marquis,and six-stone marquis.

Two-stone design

The two-stone design uses strategic texturing and polishing of the band to accent the center stones without overpowering them or looking too over-the-top. The asymmetrical placement of the stones and the accenting curves of the band make this piece have an movement of its own. That really captures one’s attention. Making this a ring that is just as unique as the woman who will be receiving it.

three-stone design

The three-stone design brings a slightly different look. The birthstones are set in a more vertical cascade. With the accentuation of a row of crystals to the left of the center stones. As mentioned above, get creative. You have three lines for engraving on top and one inside the band. Some people thrive on words of affirmation. How much more would those words speak to them, when they are engraved into a ring she can wear everyday.

Six-stone design

Now, take this concept and apply it to this six-stonedesign. Imagine how that could empower and encourage the recipient of this gift. Especially when paired with the surprise of giving this gift on Easter. It may just be the greatest gift of the season. Don’t worry, we will let you take credit for the idea, our lips are sealed.



Major League Holiday

Now get ready for the big one. Mother’s day is the biggest chance to bring the mother in your life a day of gifts, pampering, and affection. Now while breakfast in bed and fancy bath or spa treatment are solid choices. Those gifts don’t even last a day, but a custom mothers ring will last years to come. For this Mother’s day let us help you knock it out of the park.

filled heart ring

This filled heart ring is an excellent choice for families with four or six children. Birthstone rings with names are open to interpretation. In one case of a blended family where each parent had two children, they listed the mother and her children’s names on one side of the heart, and the father and his children’s names on the other side. Then all their birthstones were centered together in a cluster. This provides a wonderful visual of a blended family sharing one heart and one love.



Ribbon inspired design

The next variant is this ribbon inspired design features a carved band that appears to be three stacked bands. Each with a space for a name. Then signifying how moms are often the central pillar of a family. A ribbon style design lays across the band, appearing to hold them all together. Not only will it make a great gift for a mother, but also a grandmother. An engraved birthstone ring with the names of her grandchildren will be sure to brighten her heart every time she wears it or shows it off to friends and neighbors.



butterfly design

Another unique option is this butterfly design. Featuring four stones arranged to form a butterfly’s wings. On either side the band splits then opens up to connect at the outer edge of the wings. This allows the butterfly to look like it is in flight rather than attached to a ring. This split band also provides four spaces with which to engrave your personalized birthstone ring with names of the children.



Custom birthstone ring

This  band is referred to as an eternity band. It features three stones spaced apart to represent the past, present, and future. This ring can be personalized with up to four engravings. With its unique design this custom birthstone ring lends itself to positive or empowering words. You would quite literally give the woman in your life encouragement that is always on-hand. Ready to remind her that she is amazing, valued, and special.



Get Creative

With some creativity you can personalize a one of a kind gift for any woman in your life. Here are a few ideas to help jumpstart your creativity. 

  1. Does the woman in your life like candles? Use a popsicle stick or spoon handle to make a slot in the wax. Press your personalized birthstone ring into that slot and place the cover back on the candle. When she goes to light the candle she will have a wonderful surprise awaiting her. 
  1. If you are feeling really stealthy, try this method. When she falls asleep, slowly slide the custom birthstone ring on to her finger and see how long it takes her to realize it is there.
  1. Maybe your lucky lady keeps a calendar posted on the well. Then try taping the custom mothers ring to a special day on the calendar. For bonus points plan a date night that night and tape the tickets, reservation information, or a picture of the date location with the ring. 
  1. Then there is the method of suspending the ring in the air using a fishing line. Pair this with a scavenger hunt or a game of “I spy” and you’ve got the set-up for a memorable surprise.
  1. Maybe she went back to school and is working hard studying one night. When she’s not looking, slip the ring between the pages of her book. Then when she opens up the book to read some more, a heart-melting surprise is waiting there for her. 

So, as we head into this new year, seize every moment to let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you. How cherished they are. We have a wide variety of engraved birthstone rings to choose from. There are even customizable birthstone necklaces that will pair with the personalized birthstone ring you choose.