Personalized 7 Stone Birthstone Ring

7 Stone Personalized Birthstone Rings

Whatever the occasion, an original design experience can help you stand out from the crowd and convey a unique message that mass-produced rings simply cannot. With the right combination of stones, you can design the perfect ring and discover an infinite number of truly unique styles. With 7 stone personalized rings, you can make unique gifts for your loved ones or yourself. Our mothers rings are perfect gifts for those special moments you want to celebrate with the special women in your life . A birthstone ring means the special mother or grandmother or any special woman in your life or your self will always have those close to her heart wrapped around her finger.

Our birthstone rings can be customized according to your personal needs. A  7 stone personalized ring can be customized with 7 names and 7 birthstones that represent your loved ones. A special message can also be engraved on the inside of the ring.  

Choosing the Right Birthstones

To help you decide which birthstones to use, it's a good idea to understand what they are and what they symbolize. Birthstones are a set of gemstones that correspond to a person's birth month. There is a long-held belief that each stone has a personal significance for the individual who wears it. 

Multiple birthstones are available for some months, representing different characteristics, providing the wearer with a wide range of options. Wearing your birthstone as a symbol of good fortune and health has been a popular practice since ancient times.

Personalities By Birthstones

There are various ways to incorporate birthstones into a7 stone personalized ring.  You can gift this custom birthstone ring to grandma with the birthstones and names of her grandkids if she has 7 grandkids.  You could also have two parents and 5 kids for a family of seven, one mother and 6 kids and so on. The options are limitless, these are just a few of the ways you can personalize your birthstone ring. 

Choosing the gemstones for a loved one requires careful consideration of a wide range of variables, but you can choose based on the stone's symbolism and the personalities by birth month.

January -Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for January. Colors include green, orange, pink, and purple for this one-of-a-kind stone. Pomegranate red is, however, its most notable feature. Several stones fall under the category of Garnet, not just one. Pyrope and almandine garnets, recognized for their transparency and lack of blemishes, are the most popular.

There are very few gems with four-rayed stars as asterisms, which are extremely rare. When viewed in natural light, garnet can take on various hues. Brown to orange and pink to red are examples of color schemes.

Garnet symbolizes self-assurance, strength, and determination. A characteristic of those born in January is that they are quick-witted and unafraid to take on new challenges. Keep your loved ones and enemies at bay with this gem's protection and warning by adding Garnet in your7 stone personalized ring.

February -Amethyst

The amethyst is February's birthstone. The deity of wine, Bacchus, is associated with amethyst because of its deep purple hue. Wearing the stone was said to keep one sober. Others believed that amethyst would keep the wearer focused and alert.

Individuals who are born with an amethyst birthstone are considered to be extremely clever and well-versed in business. They are usually optimistic. It doesn't take much for them to put others at ease. They also have a reputation for being excellent listeners.

March -Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Some ancient cultures thought this sea-colored stone would protect mariners and ensure a safe voyage. People believed that wearing aquamarine would protect them from poison for many centuries. You might use the gemstone to bring peace between enemies, according to Roman legend.

Generally, the colors of gemstones range from green to blue, with deep blue stones being the most unusual. Aquamarine, like emeralds, is a mineral called beryl. They can grow to a foot in length and are found throughout the planet.

March babies can elicit a sense of serenity from those around them. They're regarded as excellent communicators who are admired for their honesty and sensitivity. Their ability to resolve conflicts fairly makes them excellent mediators. They can think clearly, articulate themselves, and make decisions even under pressure.

April -Diamond

The diamond is the birthstone for April. It was formerly supposed to bring strength and be a sign of everlasting love. The diamond is known as Vajra in Sanskrit, which also denotes lightning in Hindu mythology; vajra was the weapon of Indra, the god ruler. These jewels are formed under tremendous pressure, almost 100 miles beneath the Earth's surface. Deep volcanic eruptions expel them at roughly 20 to 30 miles per hour.

It's no surprise that April personalities are recognized for their resilience and tenacity. Because of their indomitable nature, people with diamond birthstones are courageous. To them, no situation is too big or too small. They are reliable. Fearless and stubborn, they're fiercely loyal to their friends and family and will fight for them in times of crisis.

Diamond personalities are recognized for their humility. They tend to have a strong moral compass and high regard for honesty and integrity. However, they are likewise drawn to high-end goods and experiences.

May -Emerald

May's birthstone is emerald. Colorful and vibrant, it carries the lush green hues of Spring. The stone was also thought to aid with infertility because it was the gem of Venus. Cleopatra was also famous for wearing Emeralds in her time.

The most precious and stunning Emeralds have a bluish undertone that contrasts sharply with their green tint. It is impossible to find an emerald without inclusion, a birthmark. Some inclusions are to be expected and do not detract from the stone's value as much as in other gemstones.

Those born in this month are more likely to be sympathetic and loving. They have an uncanny ability to help individuals see beyond their differences and discover common ground. In many cases, friends turn to them for guidance on professional, family, or romantic matters.

Those born in May tend to be deep-thinking, long-term soulmates when it comes to romance. So prepare to have a May personality in your life for the rest of your life once you become friends with them. Honesty is a priority for them, and they prefer the truth to deception.

June -Pearl & Alexandrite

Pearl and Alexandrite are the two birthstones for those born in June. Pearls have been a popular choice for jewelry for a long time because of their inherent beauty. However, a gemstone that changes color depending on the light is exceedingly uncommon and sought after.

The pearl, known for its calming powers, is thought to help purity, generosity, integrity, truth, and loyalty in its wearer's life. Humans have long revered pearls and pearl rings throughout history. Unlike other gemstones, pearls are created inside a living organism.

Pearls are scarce and difficult to recover from the ocean depths. Therefore humans developed a method of cultivating salt and freshwater pearls from properly seeded mollusks. The colors of cultured pearls range from mild cream and white through rose, lilac, green, gold, gray, and black.

Individuals with a pearl personality are known for their spontaneity and ability to handle new challenges. They appreciate the experience, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zone.

Alexandrite, on the other hand, is sometimes referred to as "emerald by day, ruby by night” due to its remarkable ability to change colors. Outside in the day, it appears to be a cool bluish mossy green. It is a red gem with a warm raspberry tone in darker settings. The more noticeable the color change, the more valuable the gemstone becomes.

Those born with this birthstone have a great sense of observation, keeping an eye on all that goes on around them. As soon as an alexandrite personality notices a potential issue, they immediately brainstorm solutions.

Those born in June can choose to use pearls or alexandrite or a combination of both if they wish to customize their 6 Stone Personalized Ring for the month of June.

July -Ruby

July's birthstone is the Ruby. It was a status symbol worn by the nobility to represent their authority and riches in history. Rubies were previously supposed to safeguard the wearer and their home from danger if worn over their heart on the left side.

Love, health, and wisdom are all associated with these regal stones. Wearing a fine red ruby was thought to bring good fortune to the wearer. A ruby's worth rises based on its color and quality, making it the most valuable gemstone. As a gemstone that symbolizes all of these things, the ruby is powerful. Since ancient times, this stone has been regarded as the most prestigious of all stones.

Rubies tend to be over-the-top in their demeanor. However, they make excellent leaders because of their self-confidence. They make excellent leaders because of their self-confidence.

They are also noted for their love and passion in many parts of life, not just relationships. Those around them are awestruck by their vivacity and charisma. But, when it comes to taking action, individuals born this month are more inclined than others. They want to be at the head of the pack, leading the way for everyone else.

August -Peridot

Peridot is the birthstone for August. The gem has a vivid green color that resembles an emerald. Peridot is available in various colors, but the vivid lime greens and olive greens are the most popular.

Over five-carat, Peridot gemstones are rare and more expensive than lesser peridot stones. Ten to fifteen carats peridot is uncommon yet provides a huge and striking appeal at a reasonable cost. It is claimed to instill a sense of power and authority in the wearer.

Those born in August tend to be outgoing and charismatic. They are incredibly generous and shine a warm light on everyone they meet, whether a stranger or a longtime acquaintance. Because they are at ease with themselves, they are more likely to communicate their thoughts and feelings with others. Others trust peridot personalities because of their pleasant and welcoming demeanor.

September -Sapphire

Sapphire is the September birthstone. It is regarded that those who wear it are knowledgeable, loyal, and honorable. Traditional sapphires are blue. However, the stone can be found in each color of the rainbow, except red.

The sapphire is a symbol of knowledge and purity. It is common for sapphire personalities to be quiet and private, opening up exclusively to the people closest to them. It is rare for them to speak their mind in large groups, and they take their time before deciding what to say. As a result, when they create trust with others, it's usually long-lasting, reliable, and profound.

The sapphire birthstone is associated with a serene dignity that reveals intelligence. They have an acute sense of calm in every situation and, as a result, can make measured decisions in high-pressure situations.

October -Opal & Tourmaline

Tourmaline and Opal are October's birthstones. Colorful tourmaline admirably reflects the characteristics of an October-born person, and the pink type is no exception. When hydrothermal activity occurs in Earth's interiors, it originates in the fissures and crevices.

Those with a pink tourmaline personality type tend to be restless, explorers, and adventurers when it comes to personality traits. But, despite their calm appearances, those born in October tend to have a racing mind, always wondering what's next. Also, they have a good sense of intuition.

On the other hand, opals, with their vivid reds, greens, blues, and purple colors, are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope effect. In many cultures, opals have been regarded as magical, able to ward against disease, and provide the ability to predict the future. They also represent hope, honesty, and purity.

Those who wear opal birthstones are protective and loyal to those they care about. They can spread a sense of hope and optimism wherever they go, which makes them excellent role models and leaders. They're the ones who give back to the community by volunteering and participating in various events. They care about the well-being of everyone, not just their interests.

Opal or Tourmaline or a combination of both can be used on a 6 Stone Personalized Ring for the month of October.

November -Topaz

Topaz is the birthstone for November. It is a symbol of affection and love. Wearing it is said to boost a person's strength and intelligence. Some people believed that the stone was a magnet for gold, wealth, and high regard. Carved topaz was supposed to have unique abilities throughout the Middle Ages.

Among the most sought-after Topaz colors is Imperial Topaz, which is orange with a hint of pink. Because of man's capacity to increase the color of Topaz, blue has become the most prevalent hue. Topaz with a natural blue tint is quite rare.

When it comes to finances, Topaz birthstone bearers are considered lucky. In the face of seemingly overwhelming challenges, they continue to work hard and persevere.  Being the center of attention during a party is a common trait for those born in November. People gravitate toward them because they enjoy having a good time.

December -Turquoise

One of the earliest known gemstones, turquoise, has favored jewelry for generations. Turquoise has been used for generations as a healing and balancing stone. This gemstone has all attributed healing powers, a rise in rank and prosperity, protection from the evil eye, and good fortune.

Because turquoise is a stone of serenity, most individuals who glance at this beautiful blue birthstone feel relaxed and at peace. Humility, generosity, and a good outlook on life are all associated with this stone's energy. Those born under this stone tend to be risk-takers, yet they're generally excellent in their jobs. Even if others around them aren't, they are quite laid back and relaxed.

When you look at the customized band, you will be reminded of the happy memories that the ring represents. Choose specific stones for their color or meaning based on your preferences. A 7 stone personalized ring will mean more to you or your loved ones because you personally chose the stones.