6 Stone Birthstone Necklace

New Year, New Ideas

Alright, 2022 is finally here and with the new year comes new ways to celebrate that lucky lady in your life. Today we're going to take a look at several new and creative ways that you can celebrate that amazing woman. Whatever your relationship, we have some ideas that are sure to capture her heart and inspire her. 

When you think about this significant lady, what is it that stands out to you? Was there some challenge that she claimed victory over? Does she Inspire other people everywhere she goes? Or does she offer encouragement to all the people that she meets? Maybe this woman is doing her best to become a better person this year. Additionally, this can be a woman that you admire or a woman that you love. but maybe this is a woman whom you value that has always been a part of your life. As you keep reading, you will see six different ways to celebrate the woman in your life with personalized necklaces.

The Overcomer

engraved necklace

Let's talk about the woman who accomplished some great feet or overcame adversity. A woman that overcame all the obstacles before her. What better way to commemorate her accomplishment than with an engraved necklace. As they say, you can’t grow flowers without rain. The storms of life figuratively leave us beautiful flowers that mark our growth. This six-stone flower pendant is a great way to remind her of the adversity she overcame.

personalized name necklace

Write down six traits about this woman that you saw in her as she soared over her hurdles. As an example, you could choose, Capable, Strong, Brave, Fearless, Patient, and Wise. Just like that, you have taken a personalized name necklace and created a one-of-a-kind pendant that will remind her for years to come just how strong she is, and that there is no obstacle that there is nothing that can hold her back.

Was there a specific mantra or phrase that helped her through that challenging time? This heart key design works great for that. Within the heart, you can have your choice of 6 birthstones. Up to twenty characters can be engraved jewelry to remind her of her mantra.

The Inspiration

custom necklace

Many of us have had women that have inspired us over the years. She may be your mother, your sister, your friend, your mentor, your spouse, or your daughter. At times we want to recognize, and thank these inspirations of ours. With thiscustom necklace, you can do just that. Imagine engraving the inner heart with passion and insight. Then the outer heart could have loyal, dedicated, genuine, and consistent. Suddenly, this birthstone necklace becomes a vigilant reminder every day of how she inspires others every day. Then you can select birthstones that reflect her personality with their colors or traits.

three-stone braidcustom necklace

A wise man once said that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Much like once we become inspired it is hard to break our inspiration. That’s why we recommend this three-stone braidcustom necklace as another option for the woman that inspires you. Maybe there are three words that sum up what she inspired you to do, or how she kept you inspired. Use those words in the spaces for the names and this pendant will serve as a reminder of the parts of her that mean the most to you.


Positive Pendant, Positive Mindset

personalized necklace

Maybe the woman in your life has been on a journey of self-development. She is practicing positive self-talk and manifestation to change the way that she views herself. Take a look at this pendant. This personalized necklace is modeled after an eclipse. This imagery conveys a sense of mystery and beauty. Around the lower side of the circle, there is space for two names. However, you could have a number of different phrases engraved there. Some popular options are “you are enough,” “beauty within,” or “choose joy.” Don’t forget the two heart-shaped birthstones. If she has two favorite colors then you could select the birthstones of those colors. Surely, she will feel loved, inspired, and supported in her goals every day she wears this piece of engraved jewelry. 



clover heart pendant

Sometimes a little luck goes a long way. Whether that luck was real or just a perception often makes little difference. Rather if we perceive ourselves to be lucky we will be more likely to remain positive in tough situations. With this clover heart pendant, the lucky lady that receives this is sure to wear it with a surge of confidence. Especially knowing that this engraved necklace was made just for her.


Not So Secret Admirer

Six-stone heart pendant

Now let’s talk about love interests. You could pick out one of the name necklaces and have both of your names engraved on it and have a good gift. However, with a little creativity, you can take something like this six-stone heart pendant, and give her a truly great gift. Think of six parts of her personality that you adore. Imagine how she will feel opening up a gift to find a custom birthstone necklace that tells her exactly what you love about who she is. As far as gift grades go, you’d surely get an A+ for this gift.


The Wind Beneath My Wings

Eight-stone feather pendant

Shifting gears, let's think about the mothers we know that helped us to reach our dreams and achieve our goals. Supporting you like a gust of wind under a bird’s wings. While a mothers day necklace with names of her children might be a solid choice for a gift, we think you can take it a step further. Our eight-stone feather pendant will symbolize the heights you were able to reach because of her support. Along the center spine of the feather, there are eight stones. Each side of the feather has places to engrave names. Only, instead of names, you list out the traits she demonstrated that kept you on the right track. 


Six-stone banner heart

For the ones who may not like the feather design, there is also this one. Six-stone banner heart. In this mothers day necklace design, you can see the word mom is carved into the lower portion of the heart with 6 parallel names that form a sort of banner across the heart. Just as was done for the feather concept above, select six traits that this mother demonstrates in how she encourages and inspires you and her family. When she receives it, she will carry it with pride and affirmation. Knowing that her diligent love and care did not go unnoticed.


So She Did

Four-stone roundengraved necklace

Sometimes we may want to encourage the woman in our lives. Maybe she’s a younger sister that just started college. Possibly a childhood friend that is having a hard time in school. Circles have been used to symbolize completeness or wholeness. That makes thisfour-stone round engraved necklace perfect. Instead of it being a name necklace, add four encouraging words, or possibly a short phrase. Present it to her with some encouraging words and this will be a daily boost of encouragement for her. 



four-stone infinity symbol carved name necklace

Another option is the four-stone infinity symbolcarved name necklace. Unlike the other custom name necklaces, we have looked at so far. This pendant has the names carved out instead of being engraved. This gives it a unique appearance that will surely enhance the impact of the encouraging words you choose to be placed where the names are.



Color Discernment

Throughout this article, we have mentioned colors and birthstones having traits. Some of you may be unfamiliar with how those all work. To help you select what colors will best convey the words you have chosen, we will look at some of the common color and birthstone associations in personalised jewelry.

birthstone associations in personalised jewelry

Here we have an example of the birthstones and which months they are associated with. This will help you know what month to select when ordering your personalized necklace. Once you have a design you like, scroll through here to find the colors to represent your gift.

January- Garnet is a red stone that is tied to the trait of calmness. In terms of color, this hue of red is linked with inner strength, tenacity, and mature love.

February- Amethyst is a purple stone most commonly associated with power and royalty. Purple is most commonly associated with royalty or spirituality, but it is also associated with wisdom, imagination,  intuition, inspiration, and dignity. 

March- Aquamarine is an ocean blue stone with subtle green hues and it is connected with unity. This tone of blue-green is linked to discovery, empathy, understanding, flexibility, and serenity. 

April- Clear Crystal as the name incited is a clear but bright stone believed to represent endurance. The color associated here is white. The traits connected with white are peace, vitality, protection, willpower, and vigilance. 

May- Emerald is a deep vivid green stone that is associated with joy. Emerald green is linked to growth, renewal, productivity, prosperity, and survival. 

June- Alexandrite is a color-changing stone. Depending on the light that it is under it can appear to be a deep red or green. Despite its dual nature of color, it represents clarity. For this stone, the color association is with stability, fortitude, nourishment, maturity, and long life. 

July- Ruby is a deep red stone that is believed to bring harmony. Drive, courage, glory, passion, and harvest are paired with this hue of red. 

August- Peridot is a bright and light green colored stone with subtle yellow undertones. This stone is often associated with purity. Peridot’s bright green hue is connected to awakening, learning, change, exuberance, and receptiveness. 

September- Sapphire is a stone that comes in many colors, the most common color associated with sapphire though is a deep and royal blue. For this reason, it is no surprise that sapphires are connected with the trait of loyalty. Additionally, this tone of blue is linked to truth, recovery, prophecy, acceptance, and purification. 

October- Tourmaline is another stone that can be found in a plethora of colors but a soft pink hue with just a tinge of red is the most common example of it. Tourmalines are tied to the trait of strength. Creativity, vision, self-knowledge, discernment, and self-esteem are the traits associated with this tone of pink. 

November- Topaz is a bright golden yellow color and is most often connected to prosperity. Topaz’s vivid yellow tone is linked with enthusiasm, authority, influence, and success.

December- Blue Zircon is another blue stone, but this blue is more of a sky blue. With its bright and individual blue tone, this stone is linked to the trait of balance. Faith, honor, grace, calmness, respect, and practicality.

Putting It All Together

three-stone ribbon pendant

Let’s take a look at another personalized necklace. For example this three-stone ribbon pendant. We will say this is for a young woman who has just achieved her career goals as a director at her facility. To get there she demonstrated strength, dedication, and success. For the words, we could use strength, loyalty, and achievement. Then pair January’s garnet with strength, September’s sapphire with loyalty, and November’s topaz with achievement.

Then when you present her with this one-of-a-kind engraved necklace she will not only feel noticed and cared for, but it will reinforce that all of her hard work and effort was worth it. For years to come this personalized necklace will be a reminder that encourages her to keep up her great efforts.