Personalized 6 Stone Birthstone Ring

6 Stone Personalized Rings are Fantastic Gift Ideas

Personalized gifts such as a 6 stone personalized ring are a fantastic way to show your loved ones that you put a lot of thought into a gift that you are giving them. Instead of offering gift vouchers, candles, or just buying generic flowers, it’s a way to make them feel special. 

6 Stone personalized rings are a great way to not only personalize your gift but make it an extra special way to remember your family, a group of people, or just a collection of gems that represent qualities in the wearer.

Whether you’re looking for mothers rings for your mom or birthstone rings for a group of connected people that are special, there are many options available with a 6 stone personalized ring. You just need to ensure you get the right birthstones added to the ring, which you may not know, but we’ve got you covered with all the details you’ll need below.

6 Stone Mothers Rings

Mothers rings are a way to represent children and grandchildren through their birthstones, and often along with the names of the children engraved on the ring. It’s a way to stay connected and remember your loved ones simply by looking down at the ring, which is always with mom.

With a 6 stone personalized ring, you have quite a wide range of different options, for instance, including both mother and father with four children, or you could have two children with grandchildren under each child, or do it however you want it. If your mom has six children, then it’s a perfect way to add them all to a single ring. Along with the birthstones, you can personalize the ring further by engraving the names of everybody on the ring.

There is a range of styles you can choose from with mothers rings, including the cut on the gemstone and how the gems and names are arranged. So whatever your preference is, there are always great  options for you to choose from. You can customize your 6 stone personalized ring to best suit your needs and wearer’s tastes.

Birthstone rings don’t always have to be for  mothers; anybody that you want to gift with the memory of 6 special people would love to receive a 6 stone birthstone ring from you; this could be your aunt, grandmother, or even just a friend. The birthstones can represent anybody special to the wearer, so they are even a great gift to get for very close friends so that everybody has a memento of each other.

The possibilities are endless with who and how you can use the birthstone rings, making it a great gift that is highly versatile and won’t break the bank if you want you can  get 6 rings to gift to 5 people and keep one for yourself.

Which Birthstones Should You Be Selecting?

Birthstones are associated with the month that somebody was born and were originally found in biblical times on the Breastplate of Aaron, who used the breastplate and gemstones to communicate with God. So the birthstone connected with somebody can have a very special connection or can just be a beautiful gemstone to enjoy.

Incorporating birthstones into different types of jewelry, such as birthstone rings or mothers rings, has become a common practice. Aside from being beautiful gems, they are considered a way to bring good health and fortune to the wearer and other specific properties for each gemstone.

Birthstone Rings for January: Garnet

Garnets offer the wearer protection from nightmares, and for those born in January, it provides guidance on any issues you are facing. Most garnet is red, which is used to symbolize courage, love, and faith. Though other colors are available, it would depend on if you selected a red garnet around what specific feelings you get from it.

When you wear garnet, it increases your feelings of self-worth, protects your heart and lungs physically, and it’s thought to boost your energy during the day. It’s a great stone to include in any of the rings for overall benefits to the wearer.

Birthstone Rings for February: Amethyst

Amethyst gems represent hope, passion, and a sense of royalty or feeling special within a family. The wearer will feel calm internally, and it will give them the ability to stay focused on anything they’re doing. It’s also thought that Amethyst can protect people from drunkenness, so it is excellent for heavy drinkers or even just to protect people while they are out drinking.

It can also physically protect you from arthritis and general ill-health. But it is especially good for healing bones and joints, which makes it an excellent inclusion in any mothers rings.

It’s also a great gem to protect your mind from external influencers, especially those related to passion and relationships, by empowering and strengthening your authentic relationships.

Birthstone Rings for March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gem that protects you while traveling overseas, especially by boat, and keeps your loved ones close to your mind so that you have the power and fortitude to continue on your journey and task. 

The gem can increase your productivity, creativity and allows you to express yourself with no holding back. It will help increase your feelings of love, give you overall good health and happiness. 

Aquamarine is also a protector for expectant mothers, so it is a great option for mothers rings gifts before a child is born. So a 6 stone personalized ring would work well for a 6th child or potentially a 4th if you include the mother and husband in the birthstone selection.

Birthstone Rings for April: Clear Crystal / Diamonds

Clear crystals and diamonds represent and enhance true love and the courage to express the love you feel. It’s a gem that will protect your mind from mental illnesses and other external factors that may be causing issues for your mind.

It’s important to stay positive as it can enhance both negative and positive energy around you, as well as your physical energy levels. It’s a great gem for helping with vertigo or general dizziness and can even help with allergies.

Clear crystal has the ability to open your mind to a higher guidance to assist with any problems or decisions that need to be made. What that guidance is will be up to the wearer and their beliefs.

Birthstone Rings for May: Emerald

Emeralds give you the ability to protect or sense things that may happen in the future, so they are great when there are problems or big decisions that need to be made. It’s a birthstone that will promote health, fertility, and even wealth. 

If the wearer has any specific issues around allergies, liver problems, eye issues, or sinus infections, then the emerald will help heal them.

Because the emerald can help with fertility and faithfulness, it works well for both mothers rings and birthstone rings in general, so it is great for everybody.

Birthstone Rings for June: Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a birthstone that will bring you into alignment physically and spiritually so that you are balanced; it helps manifest luck, prosperity and improves your intellect.

It’s a gem that assists when you’ve been sick for a long time, as it helps align you physically back to good health and is especially good at detoxifying your blood and internal organs.

Birthstone Rings for July: Ruby

Ruby’s are a gem that will protect you against general misfortune and help you live in harmony in a world with a range of diverse people. The ruby can also represent strength, courage, and passion for all things you do in your life.

The ruby promotes powerful and passionate feelings of love and a zest for life in almost all beliefs. So it’s perfect for improving motivation, relationships and getting people back onto track to living their best lives.

It’s a great gemstone to promote emotional health if you are struggling with any strong emotions or problems. It helps remove negative emotions and energy from your life and helps with depression or other issues that can cause lethargy in your body.

Birthstone Rings for August: Peridot

Peridot is a gemstone that promotes courage and wisdom that allows you to increase your wealth through your skills and work. It can be used to assist with stress, anxiety, and anger issues you may be facing and protect you from negative energy around you or directed at you by others.

This gem is great for immune system issues, including all kinds of autoimmune problems, and helps with your skin problems, especially when related to the immune system.

When set in jewelry rather than as a loose gem, this gem keeps negative thoughts and nightmares away from the wearer, so it helps with sleep and staying positive throughout the day. 

Birthstone Rings for September: Sapphire

Sapphires help you speak your truth and promote success in everything you’re doing by giving you courage and power to do so without fear by providing protection from any negative energy or physical issues around you.

They’re a great gemstone for improving your wisdom and faith, enhancing your serenity, and helping you avoid the temptation to do things that do not serve your best interests.

Wearing Sapphires can help with any pain you’re feeling, especially when associated with blood disorders, and they can assist with excessive bleeding. So these can also be great mothers rings for expectant mothers.

Birthstone Rings for October: Tourmaline

Tourmaline can come in a variety of different colors, but they all have similar properties, including helping with autoimmune disorders and nervous system problems that many of us face as we get older. It’s excellent for assisting with strengthening bones which is a problem many mothers face as they age, so as a mothers ring, it’s a great gem to include.

The color of the tourmaline will determine which chakra it can work with, but overall it does great with healing your heart and removing negative thoughts you have and any that are being directed at you.

Birthstone Rings for November: Topaz

Topaz is a love stone, which brings love to and from the wearer as well as promotes affection, increasing overall compassion and caring to those around you. It can also assist in soothing and healing all of the meridians of the body, which helps redirect energy to the areas that need it, giving you overall increases in energy, calmness, and strength.

The gem can assist with arthritis and heart disease, as well as any negative emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety, and brings overall calmness to the wearer.

Birthstone Rings for December: Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon is a gemstone to clear your mind off all negative thoughts and emotions, not just from yourself but that are being directed towards you. So it could be considered a healer with you and those around you. It removes any negative energy around you and brings back confidence that may have dwindled over the years due to negative thoughts.

Physically it’s good for reducing your fever, helping with overall pain, assists in stomach cramps and menstrual pains, so along with many of the birthstones makes a perfect addition to any mothers rings.


Whether you totally believe in the properties that come with the gemstones included with your mothers rings or birthstone rings, it’s always a  good story to fit with the gift to show that you’ve thought of and cared enough about the person to want to give them mental and physical healing assistance.

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