3 Stone Birthstone Necklace

Bellanic Engraved 3 stone Birthstone Necklace

When you think of gifts from the heart, most people think of jewelry. But what kind of jewelry should you give? Is it even something worth the value? What about other gifts? Besides jewelry, the most common gift for a family member or loved one is flowers or chocolate. However, these are fleeting items that give the impression of love but aren’t there long term. If you are thinking about a permanent meaning, a 3 Stone Birthstone necklace from Bellanic is your key to the gift of a lifetime. 

But aren’t all pieces of jewelry the same? What is unique about a necklace and birthstones? To understand why a 3 Stone Birthstone necklace is a perfect gift for a family member or loved one, you need to understand the intent and purpose behind gift-giving. 

So, let’s back up a bit. What is the occasion? What is the feeling? Honestly, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. A gift is unique because it is an offering from the heart. It is a piece of yourself given freely to your spouse, friend, or family member. Does a simple piece of jewelry fit this description? 

Nondescript necklaces, dangling earrings, and standard rings are acceptable but don’t convey the emotional side of what a true gift should be. Remember, a gift isn’t just a physical object but rather, it is a material connection between you, the giver, and your loved one, the receiver. So, the gift needs to represent that emotional connection.

The best way to represent the emotional connection you have to others is to give something representative of your family or specific individuals in your life. When you want to give jewelry with an emotional connection, you need to use gemstones that are more than just pretty colors. Gemstones that are your representative birthstones are the gateway to jewelry gifts that are both beautiful and emotionally meaningful.

At Bellanic, you will find that emotional backing in our engraved 3 Stone Birthstone necklaces. Are you not convinced? Let’s talk about how you can create a custom and one-of-a-kind gift just from the inspiration around you. But, first, let’s talk about birthstones.

Are 3 Stone Birthstone necklaces good presents? 

If you haven’t thought about using birthstones as a gift, don’t worry. The trend is growing. Before the interest, jewelry was a status symbol. If you wore a specific piece, it meant that you had attained a certain status or wealth. However, that left many people behind.

Further, modern culture isn’t as concerned with symbols of status but rather of self-expression. Standard jewelry isn’t interesting anymore because it lacks personality. It is made to look exactly like other pieces such that it is identifiable as expensive. 

What modern society is looking for these days is jewelry that allows the wearer to be expressive and personal. They want to feel connected to what they wear and be proud of the meaning behind it. So, standard jewelry falls flat, but birthstone pieces like the 3 Stone Birthstone necklace rise to the top.

If you are wondering how to give the 3 Stone Birthstone necklace as a gift, here are some options on the potential gemstone arrangement.

A gift to a mother from a son or daughter

Because these necklaces have spots for three gemstones, you need to pick out who you want to be represented in the necklace. Your best option is to pick people that are meaningful to both of you. So, if you are an only child, you could include your birthstone, your mother’s, and your father’s. This would be a great way to represent the whole family. If you have siblings, you could use all the kids’ birthstones or you, your sibling, and your mother’s birthstone. The options are endless based on your family’s circumstances. The point, though, centers around the emotional connection of the gift to you and the special person in your life.

A gift to a wife from a spouse

You and your spouse make two, not three. Don’t worry. The last spot in the trio could be your first child. Or the spots could be all your children together. If the present is for your wife and you have two kids, then make the moment about them together and exclude yourself from the necklace. The selfless act of not including your birthstone will be incredibly meaningful as a powerful sign of your emotional commitment. 

A gift to a grandmother from a grandchild

Grandmothers love gifts that represent their grandchildren. If you consider what to get them, a 3 Stone Birthstone necklace is a perfect opportunity to find something meaningful that represents the next generation. Because there are multiple families and generations in the mix when the gift is for a grandparent, there are endless ways you can personalize the gemstones to match a trio. Regardless of who you pick, the gift is that you did pick. Any grouping will be loved and cherished.

A gift to a significant other from a loved one

You don’t need to be married or family to offer a loved one something that will emotionally bond you. If you are dating and in love, offering a meaningful gift is a great way to show your emotional support for them. Birthstones in jewelry are a way to recognize them as individuals and the people important to her in her life. It shows that you care enough to think about what she would like and want to be included.

If you are still unsure that a 3 Stone Birthstone necklace is a right choice, let’s quickly discuss the options of birthstones and why they might truly tell who you are and what you are looking for in life.

Which birthstone is your birth month? It is fun to look them up and read about the qualities they represent. However, the truth in the representations isn’t as important as the emotion behind the gift. Most likely, you could find truth in any of the birthstone symbols. Instead, think of them as a protector or enhancer. Many stones are worn by warriors, priests, or royalty, not just as a symbol of status but also as a form of protection.

If you are lacking in a certain quality, your birthstone can help you enhance it or protect it. Many stones don’t just exemplify the quality but also exemplify the desire to be a better person with that quality. So, for example, if you find yourself stressed and anxious, your stone could help you calm your nerves and settle a racing heart.

The following gemstones are the modern interpretation of birthstones. Throughout history, there have been other interpretations of what the birthstones should be. Further, there have also been gemstones associated with the day of the week you were born and the astrological chart associated with the exact moment of your birth. Regardless, your birthstone is your physical connection between your heart, head, and soul. Whenever you touch it, you can think and feel your individuality running through your veins.

Here is a quick glance at each month’s birthstone, the meaning, and the common color. However, April is usually listed as diamond, not as a clear crystal. For economic purposes, it has been replaced with clear crystal. This is a quartz rock, just as hard and just as shiny as a diamond.

January: Garnet

  • Meaning: Loyalty, Trustworthy, Friendship
  • Color: Mostly deep reds but occasionally yellow or green

February: Amethyst

  • Meaning: Spiritual, religious, royal protection
  • Color: all types of and hues of purple

March: Aquamarine

  • Meaning: Like the sea, calming, comforting, and spiritually awakening
  • Color: Mainly colors of the sea, blue-green and aqua

April: Clear Crystal

  • Meaning: Strength, Love, Loyalty
  • Color: Mainly a clear crystal with few inclusions

May: Emerald

  • Meaning: Fertility, family, protection, growth
  • Color: Shades of green, but the darker and more vibrant greens are more valuable

June: Alexandrite

  • Meaning: Nurturing, family protection, emotionally support, purity
  • Color: Exists in multicolor depending on the angle of the light against the gem

July: Ruby

  • Meaning: Physical protection, positivity, invincibility, mental fortitude
  • Color: Mostly deep reds

August: Peridot

  • Meaning: Stress reliever and mentally calming
  • Color: light hues of green, yellow, red, and purple

September: Sapphire

  • Meaning: Physical and mental protection from negative exterior intruders
  • Color: Ranges from blue to brown and yellow but mainly blue

October: Tourmaline

  • Meaning: Loyalty, Physical Healing, Revitalizing
  • Color: Iridescent in nature but can be solid hues

November: Topaz

  • Meaning: Love, vitality, affection, and physical energy
  • Color: Light blues, moderate browns, and slight yellows

December: Blue Zircon

  • Meaning: Truth above all, prosperity in life, and good fortune
  • Color: Mainly blues of varying depth and occasionally red or purple

Birthstones are naturally occurring gemstones that are mined from the ground. They are formed when intense geologic pressure melts rock and cools the magma slowly. Based on the chemical composition, the material turns into gemstones due to the nature of the region and the surrounding geologic formations. Gemstones are abundant in the Earth’s crust but are incredibly difficult to find and to mine.

Their rarity and uniqueness have always given them status in human culture. Gemstones as representatives of our birth started from a story told in the Bible. It is described in Exodus 28. Here Moses has been directed to separate his brother Aaron. Aaron is meant to be a leader of the Israelites and wear a garment depicting the twelve gemstones described. 

These gemstones have different meanings depending on which historian you ask. However, it is commonly believed that the twelve stones represent the twelve months. This is how western religions have practiced the spiritual association with birthstones. Birthstones, though, have their place in all major world religions.

What cuts and designs are included on the 3 Stone Birthstone necklace? 

Gemstones aren’t pulled out of the ground looking amazing. Instead, they are hand-processed to ensure that the gemstone is properly handled, cleaned, and cut. Each mined gem must be analyzed and approved by a gem expert before it is determined to be worthy of sale. However, you can’t just stick a washed gem in a ring or necklace.

The gemstone needs to be cut. There are over fourteen different standard cuts. These range from cuts with more geometric angles to cuts that show off smoother sides. Usually, each cut is representative of the gemstone’s inherent refractory index. The more the gem cutter etches faces on the cut, the more the gem will glitter like a diamond.

For these 3 Stone Birthstone necklaces, the birthstones have been handpicked and cut to reflect the love and caring nature of the gift. There are primarily two types of cuts offered, the heart and the sphere. Both cuts cast brilliant-colored sparkles from the gem, but one is shaped like a heart for a little more character.

What can be engraved on the 3 Stone Birthstone necklace?

Not all necklaces can be engraved. Further, multiple places can be located on these items. First, though, the amount of engraving depends on the style of the necklace. The object at the end of the chain must be picked to hold the birthstones. There are three types of necklaces available.

  • Intertwined Hearts
  • Intertwined Weaves
  • A Single Heart
  • Three Feet
  • An Infinity Symbol
  • Three Forever Hearts

Depending on the style of necklace, you could have either none, one, or three spots for engraving. If you want to get a single engraving, your best option is to choose the gift receiver’s name. There isn’t a good way to choose someone else’s. The best option is to pick a style that allows for three engravings. This way, you can include everyone on the necklace that has a representative stone.

At Bellanic, you can find amazing 3 Stone Birthstone necklaces and customize them to meet your needs and wants perfectly. We want to offer the best product at the most affordable cost. We believe in our gifts because we believe in the emotional connection behind them. We hope that you can join us in celebrating our birth and our lives.