Quality Materials

We start off with high quality sterling silver for all our mother’s birthstone rings.  Sterling silver is solid and reliable, guaranteed to last with exceptional durability. Our products are supplied by the best silver suppliers in the world. We offer 3 colors on our mother’s birthstone rings:

Silver, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

The base material which is sterling silver can also be plated with yellow gold or rose gold.  We use only the best yellow gold and rose gold to finely plate our mother’s birthstone rings.

As for the birthstones we only source them from  the best quality stones we can find. Each of our stones are hand selected for their quality. They are brilliant with a premium shine, and we promise you won’t be disappointed with the quality!

Expert Craftsmanship

Our master jewelers have vast experience and creative genius. These expert artisans  have over 30 years of experience creating beautiful custom jewelry. Trained from the ground up, they create their masterpieces with expert skill and dedication that is unmatched in the jewelry industry. With their knowledge and  experience, our master jewelers are a top-notch group of individuals who are able to bring their creative energy to a fine work of art. They will  make sure that each piece meets our high quality standards and our 100% money back  guarantee ensures total satisfaction.

Our master artisans will select the stones of your choice and carefully lay them on to your ring or necklace . Your mother’s birthstone ring or necklace will be meticulously hand polished to perfection. After all is said and done , your ring or necklace will go through the final step which is quality control  to make sure that our valued customer receives only the best high quality birthstone jewelry.

How We Do It